Natural & Agricultural Sciences Faculty

1. Faculty Business Statement

The faculty begins its history with the Institute of Teachers, created in 1950.

In 1963, the Department of General Biology was formed in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. It was headed by Ishchanov.I.

In 1964, 50 entrants were admitted to this specialty, and the department "General Biology" was divided into two departments. Department of Chemistry, led by a senior teacher Shakirova and the Department of Biology senior lecturer K.Azhigaliyev.

In 1967, this specialty was separated from the Department of Physics and Mathematics and a separate faculty was created. K. Azhgaliyev was elected dean of this faculty. The faculty received the name "Biology and bases of agriculture".

In the following years the faculty was headed by K. Azhgaliev (1967-1968), Zh.Zh. Sadykov (1969-1972), K.Azhigaliev (1973-1976), S.Abylayev(1976), M.Zh.Aldabergenova (1976), B.J. Zhanetov (1985-1991), MA Aldamzharova, (1991-1993), KA A. Azhgaliev (1993-1997), A.Zh. Saparov (1997-2013), С. Kassenov (2013-2014), BZ Kenzhegulov (2014-2015); Musaeva (2015-2017) all who contributed to the development of the faculty.

More than 5 thousand young people have been trained at the faculty in the Department of Natural Sciences, Teacher Training and Agricultural Sciences during its 65 years, and now they work in various industries and schools, 26 of them are engaged in science and were awarded the title of Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science.

Dean of the faculty

PhD, Abdinov Rauan

2. Faculty Name

Natural & Agricultural Sciences Faculty

3. Faculty Departments

  1. Biology and agricultural disciplines department

  2. Chemistry and chemical technology department

  3. Geography, tourism and water resources department

  4. Ecology department

4. Number of Staff in faculty







5. Number of Students in Faculty

6. Course Subjects


5В011300 – Biology (education)

5В060700 – Biology

5В080100 – Agronomy

5В080200 – Technology of production of livestock

5В080400 – Fisheries and industrial fishing

5B011200 – Chemistry (education)

5В060600 – Chemistry

5В011600 – Geography (education)

5В080500 – Water resources and water use

5B090200 – Tourism

5В060800 – Ecology


6M060600 – Chemistry

6M060800 – Biology

6M060700 – Biology