International Partnership and Internationalization

International Partnership and Internationalization Department

The International Partnership and Internationalization Department is a structural subdivision of the Department of Strategic, Innovative and International Development of Atyrau University.

Mission:Integration into the international educational space in order to improve the educational process and improve the quality of teachers and students using international experience.
Goal:Development and organization of activities for the development of international and Interuniversity relations of AU, which acts as one of the leading centers of education and science aimed at training highly qualified personnel.

  • Coordination of International Relations of Atyrau University in the field of Education;
  • International programs;
  • Internationalization;
  • International internships, conferences;
  • Invitation of a foreign scientist;
  • Multilingual policy;
  • Dual degree program;
  • Attracting foreign students;
  • Presentation of the University at international forums, educational forums abroad;

Head of the Department: Ashirkhanova Karlygash Mashtayevna

chief specialist: Baituganova Bibinur Serikovna

Specialist: Gulzira Abayevna Dauletova

Specialist: Nurdaulet Sunkar

Specialist: Kuandyk Nurgul Kuandykovna

Academic mobility program - the visit of students, teachers or scientists for a certain academic period to another university or foreign country for one semester or one year to study or conduct scientific practice. At the same time, it is a complex and multi-planned process of intellectual progress and education, consisting in the exchange of cultural and scientific information, resources, and technological experience.

Requirements for applicants:

1. be a 2-3-year Bachelor's degree student, a 1-year master's degree student

2. citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3. high academic performance (GPA not lower than 3);

4. proficiency in a foreign language must be confirmed by a certificate ;

5.passing the competition at the Faculty.

List of required documents:

1. application form of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2. transcript;

3. Certificate of foreign language proficiency B2 (IELTS, TOEFL);

4. certificate (form 082/086);

5. Zagranpasport copy;

6. figure -3 / 4;

7. protocol on sending a student to study at the faculty or department

Dear friends!

The team of the International Partnership Department wish you academic success and creative inspiration. On behalf of the team, we are ready to help you get acquainted with Atyrau University, as well as with the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expressing deep appreciation for your choice of our university, we will answer all questions regarding the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and education. The department also makes efforts to coordinate all international relations of Atyrau University.

The main tasks of the department:

  • Coordination of international relations of the Atyrau University in the field of education;

  • International programs;

  • Internationalization;

  • International internships, conferences;

  • Invitation of foreign scientists;

  • Multilingual policy;

  • Double degree program.