Physics, Mathematics & Information Technology Faculty

1. Faculty Business Statement

The purpose of the faculty is to create the necessary conditions for undergraduate and postgraduate students to master the educational programs aimed at the professional development and development of the person based on national and human values, scientific and practical achievements and to have professional knowledge of the various branches of science.

The mission of the faculty is to develop students professional, social, intellectual, moral and creative qualities together with healthy lifestyles, to develop the IT industry, to improve innovative technologies in education and to develop students’ professional skills and creative abilities.

Dean of the faculty

Kenzhegulov Beket

2. Faculty Name

Physics, Mathematics & Information Technology Faculty

3. Faculty Departments

  1. Mathematics and mathematics teaching methods department

  2. Physics and technical disciplines department

  3. Computer science department

  4. Software engineering department

4. Number of Staff in faculty






Candidate of science



5. Number of Students in Faculty

6. Course Subjects


5В010900 – Mathematics

5В060100 – Mathematics

5В011100 – Informatics

5В060200 – Informatics

5В011000 – Physics

5В070300 – Information systems

5В070400 – Computer Engineering and Software

5В073200 – Standardization, Certification and Metrology


6М011100 – Informatics

6М060100 – Mathematics

6М060200 – Informatics

6М060400 – Mathematics