Humanitarian Sciences & Art

1. Faculty Business Statement

The faculty of humanitarian sciences and arts is the oldest, but also the youngest at the University. Its history begins in the year 1950, however it was recreated in the year 2017 with a new name and a new structure. That's why we have a rich history and traditions.

If you want to learn about Kazakhstan, Atyrau region, Golden Horde, the Nogai Horde, Sarajshike, you can get help from our teachers and students. Against this background you can find talented artists, designers, journalists, historians, philosophers and sociologists. In our research section our scientists look at thequestions of history, culture, art, politics and policy.

The Faculty is located in two educational buildings. Students are offered the archaeological lab, Media Center, the University newspaper, television, radio, dance class, music master classes, Orchestra, theatre, art gallery, lectures and master classes of famous artists.

The faculty has day, evening and distance courses. Depending on the type of education, the duration is 2 - 4 years. Students can study using our academic mobility which allows students to study at more than one university both national and international this includes the universities of Kazakhstan for 6 months to 1 year.

Dean of the faculty

Hamidullina Dinara

2. Faculty Name

Humanitarian Sciences & Art

3. Faculty Departments

  1. Kazakhstan and world history department

  2. Journalism department

  3. Social and humanities subjects department

  4. Fine arts and design department

  5. Music and art department

4. Number of Staff in faculty






Candidate of science



5. Number of Students in Faculty

6. Course Subjects


5B011400 - History

5B020300 - History

5В050400 - Journalism

5B010700 - Fine arts and drawing

5В042100 - Design specialty

5V040300 - Vocal art

5В040400 - Traditional music art

5B010600 - Musical education specialty


6M020300 - History

6M011400 - History