Scientific Library

The main tasks assigned to the library are attracting readers to the library, increasing interest in reading, replenishing the library fund with new literature, holding cultural events for significant dates, strengthening the material and technical base of the library.

The scientific library of the Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov is one of the largest university libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1950 and is an integral part of the history of the University. Together with the University Library has grown and developed, along with it came a new digital age.

The total book fund is 500 337 copies. 

​Readers are served on 4 subscriptions and 6 reading rooms. Six reading rooms of the library serve visitors with literature on traditional (paper) media. One of the reading rooms is electronic (educational building No. 1).

In the reading rooms there are computers for working with electronic catalogs and full-text databases SpringerLink, ThomsonReuters, Scopus.

​The Rare Book Fund, existing in the scientific library of Atyrau State University is part of the cultural heritage and is a specialized collection in the system of existing documentary funds. Currently, it includes 810 copies of art, literary-critical, natural-scientific, historical and encyclopedic editions dated from the end of the 18th - the beginning of the 20th century. The Department of Scientific Information and the Rare Book Fund during the receiving a library of new literature, organizes exhibitions of new arrivals.

The fund of the scientific library is equipped with educational, academic, scientific, reference literature and periodical editions. The fund of basic educational literature on the profile of training is divided into agricultural, technical sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences and humanities. The fund of the scientific library is completed with additional literature: official, reference, bibliographic and periodicals in accordance with the profile of the university faculties. The fund of the scientific library of the university has publications that are of particular value. These are books received by the library as a gift from guests and various organizations of the city.

All literature received by the library fund is ordered at the request of the departments of the publishing houses "Bastau", "Foliant", "Olke" and others.

Visitors can obtain information on the availability of literature in the library collection, its quantity and other information using traditional catalogs (alphabetical and systematic) and file cabinets of articles from periodicals, as well as using the “KABIS” information retrieval system.

To improve the service, the scientific library concluded an agreement with the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RIEL), the regional scientific library named after G. Slanov, with the library of the Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute, the West Kazakhstan branch of  “The Republican Scientific and Technical Library” JSC, with the library of the Atyrau Society of the Blind Association.

During the academic year 2018-2019, Public Fund “Ulttyk Audarma Burosy”under the “New Humanities Knowledge” project, 100 new textbooks in Kazakh for the development of social sciences and humanities received a library of 19 items of 3529 copies, in the academic year 2019-2020 45 items of 5545 copies of textbooks.


Addresses departments to service the readers:

Electronic reading room (academic building №1; room №106);

Department of Scientific Information and Rare Books (academic building №1; room №105);

Department of subscription of historical and fiction literature (academic building №1);

Department of completing and processing of book fund (academic building №1; room №106 a);

Methodical department (academic building №1; room №107);

Reading room of periodicals (academic building №1; room №106);

Reading room of the Faculty of Humanities and Art (main academic building, room №322);

Reading room of the Faculty of Economics and Law (academic building №4; 1st floor, room №110);

Department of subscription literature in economics, natural science and law (academic building №2; 1st floor);

Department of subscription literature on music (academic building №3; 1st floor);

Department of subscription and reading room of the Faculty of World Languages ​​(main academic building; 4th floor, room №426);

Zauresh Ibrasheva

The director of the director

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