«Kids University»Children's University

"Kids University" children`s university

The project "Children`s University", implemented in the summer at the Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University. At the children`s University, children are enrolled in the number of students of "Kids University" and receive a certificate confirming it. Along with studying the educational and scientific direction at the Children's University, they participate in various training games. Children's University has a teaching staff. Demonstrates its creative facets, focuses on good development. We express our confidence to you, "They wished success" to the young students of the Children's University. The "Children's University" camp travels through the most important buildings and centers of the University.


"Kids University" children`s university

Project objective:

Formation of a purposeful system of continuous work with gifted children and talented youth! Development of creative abilities, imagination and creative thinking.

Kids University, which started its work, is the first unique project not only in Atyrau, but also in Kazakhstan. Kids University was first opened in 2002 in Germany and today there are 150 children's universities around the world.


Project Manager- Department of Youth Politics