Science The Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov is one of the leading universities in the West Kazakhstan.

Department of Science


 Scientific and technical council






The department consists of the following:
Science development department

Scientific-technical information department

Science development department  

Scientific-research activities development department Отдел развития научно-исследовательской деятельности (SRAD department) is a structural subdivision of the University’s Department of Science, acts on the basis of the Charter of Atyrau State University, and in its practical work is guided by the orders of the Rector and the Provisions on the Department.

SRAD department conducts the coordination of fundamental, applied scientific research, developmental, technological works in close connection with the educational process.  

The main scientific and organizational issues of the activity of SRAD department are reviewed by the Scientific and Research and Technology Board of  ASU.

The main tasks of SRAD are:

- assistance in the training of qualified specialists and scientific-pedagogical personnel at the level of higher and postgraduate education, the growth of qualifications of the teaching and research staff of ASU;

- organization, planning and control of the scientific-research work of ASU;

- coordination and control of scientific-research work of students;

- promoting the improvement of international, intercollegiate and interdepartmental scientific relations, the integration of university and academic science.

SRAD department in accordance with the tasks assigned to it and in order to organize an effective scientific activity performs the following functions:

- use of the scientific potential of the university to ensure the required level of training, integration of science, education and production of a high technical level;

- planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling research, artistic and creative activities of the university in accordance with the main directions of the faculties and professors training;

- formation of a thematic plan of the University’s Research activities for fundamental research and applications;

- promotion of successful solution of current scientific and technological issues of socio-economic development;

- improving the quality of training by actively using the results of research activities in the educational process, the wide involvement of students in the implementation of research activities;

- providing methodological assistance to developers in the preparation of documents to ensure the legal protection of industrial property objects developed by them (in making requests for the issue of a patent for inventions, in the preparation of applications, etc.) and intellectual property (IP);

- organization of work, monitoring and analysis of scientific activities of faculties, organization and holding of scientific conferences, preparation of semi-annual and annual reports on research;

- expansion and development of an experimental production base for research and making conditions for the creation of scientific and technical products, as well as training laboratories;

- participation in the examination of materials prepared for open publication, in order to prevent the premature disclosure of information about technical solutions that may be recognized as inventions.




Baimashova Danagul Konyssovna

Head of Department 

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Sissenaliyeva Svetlana Nuradilovna 

Chief Specialist 

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Karimova Kamariya Edigeyevna 


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Omirzakova Aigerim Nauryzovna


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