Student Theater «Samgar»

"Samgar" student theater

The student theater "Samgar" opens the creative abilities of students and contributes to the free expression of their talents. Development of personal qualities of young people aimed at forming responsibility and hard work, development of leadership and organizational skills. In the structure of the theater, about 20 students play in various productions. Head-Aibek Chapaev. Organizes official holidays and performances outside of school hours. Participates in regional and national competitions. Events which will provide: performances "Тәуелсіздігім – Тәңірден келген тәтті сый", "Еңлік-Кебек" performance "Қызыл орамалды шынарым" play "Бір түп алма ағашы" play "Нашақор" in the play R. Otarbaev play "Шырғалаң".