British Council

Office of the British Council at the Atyrau University provides educational support to the Polylingual education and Innovative education faculties. The office offers training for trainers and teachers at and outside of the university. This is providing foundational education to support the government initiatives of teaching STEM subjects in English.

I-SEED: Innovations – Social Entrepreneurship and Education.

I-SEED is a partnership project by the British Council as part of Chevron’s Atyrau Youth Development Initiative which offers young people from Atyrau an innovative and interactive educational program. The aim of the project is to use the experience of the UK and the experience accumulated by the British Council internationally to equip a core group of social entrepreneurship pioneers with the skills, knowledge and support network (local and international) they need to create sustainable solutions to social problems faced by their communities using the social entrepreneurship model. The participants of the project are young, socially engaged Kazakhstanis (aged 12-25) who are inspired to create positive change in their communities.

American Corner Atyrau 

American Corner is a small, American-style library located in English Only Space.  It features an English-language collection of American fiction and reference books on U.S. government, history, and culture. Corner also provides access to information about the United States through Internet access and audio and video recordings of American films and documentaries.

American Corner supports local English instruction with an extensive collection of English teaching material for students, teachers, and young professionals.

Also, various programs with visitors from the United States, who speak on a variety of topics and a range of classes, clubs, and activities are hosted by the Office.

LifeLong Learning Center for Sustainable Development

Center was initiated as the outcome of the Erasmus + project "LifeLong Learning for Sustainable Development".