The University has a number of councils and boards that control the operations and interactions within the university. 

The Supervisory Board, which looks after the high level administrative issues regarding the operation of the university.

The Academic Council, which looks after the curriculums, teaching methodology and other aspects of delivery of the educational program. 

Council of Veterans, this group of people who have 'retired' from academic life at the university meet to support and provide continuing guidance on the activities of the university. Their many experience provides a foundation for the innovative development of the modern university.

Scientific and Technical Council, this council sits to ensure that the teaching of the sciences and other technological subjects is in line with current educational practices and also is being developed in accordance with the strategy of the university. 

Teaching and Methodological Council, the remit of this council is to ensure that the university employs and develops the best teaching policies and methodologies for delivery of its educational curriculum The council is tasked with developing novel solutions to the processes of teaching tertiary education in the current and future years. 

Student Council, this group meets to interface between the operational units of the university and the students. It is a chance for the students to become an integral part of the development of the university and also a voice for the students raise their points with the university. It meets regularly itself to formulate its points for discussion with the university bodies and then meets with the university directorate quarterly to have discussions.