Musical Battle for students of non-linguistic specialties


November 5, 2018 in Atyrau State University named after H. Dosmukhamedov was held musical Battle for students of non-linguistic specialties.

Simposium on Russian philology

10/25/2018 23

The XII International Symposium “Russian philology in the Modern World”, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Department of Russian philology at Velikotarnovo University, took place from October 11 to October 14, 2018 in Bulgaria, at the St. Cyril and Methodius University in Velikotarnovo.

Ankara University’s professor is helding lectures

10/23/2018 26

Abdullah Gundogdu, a professor of Ankara University of Turkey, is attending his lectures for undergraduate and graduate students of the Kh.Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University.

The teaching and methodical seminar

10/23/2018 29

October, 22.The department of Translation and Foreign Languages was held the teaching and methodical seminar on the topic "The practice of teaching English and the role of the “Orleu” National Center for Advanced Qualification of teachers.

Italian opera singer's master class

10/18/2018 43

Nowadays, at the department of "Music and Art" of Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University where I and my friends are studying, there are very interesting news and unforgettable days.

The application process for Master programs

07/12/2018 128

The application process  for Master programs at the Atyrau State University started.

Capstone Project final

05/24/2018 161

The Casptone project is implemented by representative office of Penal Reform International (PRI) in Central Asia with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  

Atyrau University men’s basketball team won national championship!

04/27/2018 184

Men’s basketball team delivered a dominant victory in the 2018 National basketball league championship tournament!

VI-th Interbank Internet Championship "Money"

12/15/2017 342

On December 14, 2017, the VEP Agency, on the website of the Interbank Internet Championships, held a traditional intellectual competition in banking and poli fi nance in the Single Economic Space - the Internet Internet Championship "MONEY" - 2017.

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