What to do in Atyrau

Located on two continents, Asia and Europe, Atyrau has a unique and interesting blend of cultures as it attracts numerous expats from all over the world. 
Atyrau means 'the place where the river flows into the sea'. As the Ural river divides the city into European and Asian sides, Atyrau is one of two cities in the world to be located on two different continents. Thus it is suggested to start sightseeing of the city by taking photos at Asia and Europe signs.  
There are plenty of museums and the ruined medieval settlement of Saraichik that would certainly attract the ones interested in history.  
A few of the must-visit local attractions include:

1. Atyrau History Museum

2. Atyrau Art Gallery

3. Makhambet Square

3. Palace of Culture

4. Gallery of Kazakh Modern Art

5. Victory Park

6. Imangali Mosque

Atyrau also has beaches, where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the sun, sand, and the sea. 

The city has many high-end restaurants. 


                         Saraishyk                                                        Cinzano

                                                  Petrushka                                                                         Ramsteak


                         TOFU                                                           Samruk Restaurant


Most restaurants double as drinking venues. The cafes and restaurants in and around the center of the cıty are popular and fun places for evening drinks, and there's live music for dancing nightly from 8 pm to midnight at a number of nightclubs. Well-known hotel chains also offer good options for entertainment. 


                      Bavarius                                                          Blackberry