How to get to Atyrau?

How to get to Atyrau?

Atyrau is reachable by a number of routes, most people travelling any distance will arrive by air or train as long distance roads are normally slow to navigate. International travellers are reminded to check on entry visa requirements which can be found here (link to page).


Atyrau airport (code GUW) has the following airlines flying to it on scheduled flights.

Air Astana




Qazaq Air


Bek Air


Silk Air Ways

Internal connections with Astana, Almaty, Uralsk, Aktau, Shymkent, Kyzlorda.
International connections Istanbul, Amsterdam, Moscow, Baku.
Timetables for flights can be found here link to air site.


Atyrau lies on the A340/A27 road starting in the West at the Russian border of Astrakhan the A27 runs to East to Aktobe.
A27 runs to East to Aktobe.
The A28 connects Atyrau with Uralsk to the North. The A33 runs south to Aktau.