Life in Atyrau

Atyrau is a small city located in the western region of Kazakhstan. It sits astride the border of Europe and Asia. One of only a few cities to do so. Atyrau, was formally known as Guryev and has grown from small fishing village a river crossing point to a growing city thriving on the international businesses that have chosen this location to set up their bases associated with the oil and gas industries being developed in the Caspian Sea and surround coastline.

Life as in the city as in most places is what you make it yourself, there is plenty of history around the region to visit, there are many restaurants and bars to meet in, shopping centres and markets, health and fitness centres and a good night life. You will be welcome almost everywhere and many establishments now have at least one English speaking person. Atyrau has a varied climate, start with the blue skies and sub-zero temperatures in winter to the blue skies and heat of the summer. Spring and Autumn happen quickly, but there are not many days when you cannot see blue sky.

Many non-nationals have chosen to make Atyrau their home and they enjoy the friendship of many local people, they integrate with the customs and enjoy a varied and rewarding life.