Visiting International Student

Atyrau State University opens its doors to all international students, the opportunities to learn national languages, or to become involved in ecological scientific studies related to the unusual environment of the region are best studied here.

ASU already has agreements with a number of Caspian Sea states educational establishments to have a student exchange with periods of 6 months or one year you can use these agreements to transfer your studies to Atyrau State University, with the possibility of obtaining a dual degree.

Students from outside the Caspian region are welcome to join us in particular those who wish to study the scientific aspects related to the economic growth of the region.

The university is focussing on becoming a greener learning environment and the opportunities to be integrated into both learning this way but also becoming part of many local projects are many.

Contact the university link to contacts page and ask for contact name to discuss enrolling in our courses which you can find listed on our faculty pages.