Visiting International Professor

As a visitor to our university you will given a big Kazakh welcome, not only will you have the opportunity to work with our academics but also with some of the brightest students in the region.

Our university seeks to grow, it is already a centre of excellence in the region however, we need the input from outside of our knowledge base to increase the breadth and depth of our understanding in our taught subjects.

You have the option to come and be a resident lecturer in your chosen subject, or maybe to come and give a series of lectures on one aspect of the subject in which you have a personal specialism.

Whilst here take the opportunity to visit the region and learn about life in Kazakhstan, read our link to 'life in Atyrau' things to do to get a glimpse of our varied culture.

In order to visit us as an academic you will need to apply to our university, contact Mr X, you will also need some documents which we will help you to obtain.