Educational Research Laboratory “Ecology”

Chief, Candidate of chemical sciences Tulemissova Gulzhamal Bagitovna

    At the present time the laboratory conducts research in the following directions:
  • Investigation of the hydrological and hydrochemical mode of the Ural-Caspian basin;
  • Assessment of the toxic pollution level of water in the Ural and Kigach rivers;
  • Food Toxicology Studies;
  • The study of the ecological state of the air basin of Atyrau in residential areas, in transport highways and in industrial areas;
  • Determination of heavy metals in soils;
  • Determination of heavy metals in biological materials.

The laboratory "Toxicology" center is certified in the following areas of activity: drinking, natural, waste and groundwater.
In the future intended to be certified in the following areas: atmospheric air, working area; soil, food, biological materials.
The material and technical base of the laboratory is the latest measuring and auxiliary devices. Sampling for analysis is carried out by modern sampling equipment. While performing analyzes, a wide range of methods is used: titrimetric, spectrophotometric, potentiometric, fluorimetric, chromatographic, atomic emission spectrometry, IR spectrometry, etc. During conducting analyzes, automatic control of measurements is carried out, thereby increasing their accuracy.

Educational Research Laboratory “Ecology”

    Main functions
  • Collection and processing of materials of hydrochemistry, toxicology, hydrobiology and ichthyology;
  • Improving methods for assessing the status of aquatic ecosystems and biological resources of water bodies of transboundary basins;
  • Collection and processing of air quality data in the studied areas;
  • Creating a database on the content of heavy metals in food;
  • Analysis of the collected material and the forecast state;
  • Conduct scientific and practical conferences and seminars in the field of environmental problems in the region;
  • Implementation of international cooperation in the field of environmental monitoring of the Caspian Sea water areas.

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Tulemisova Gulzhamal Bagitovna

Candidate of Chemival Science

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