Scientific and production center "Biology, geoecology and dry feed production"
The scientific and production center "Biology, geoecology and dry feed production" is a scientific and production structural division of the University.
Main tasks
• Conducting fundamental and Applied Research in the field of biology, Geoecology and arid feed production;
• In 2020-2023, together with the university administration, in the village of Sarayshyk, Makhambet district, in order to create the research and production infrastructure of the center on an area of at least 15 hectares, solve the triad problem-a) conducting field experiments, B) Passing field practice, C) working out new technologies;;
• Coordination of research work at a high scientific level on the most important problems of improving the efficiency and development of Agriculture in the Republic, the introduction of scientific developments in agricultural production;
• Development of scientific and methodological foundations and practical recommendations for the rational use of land and water resources, improving the fertility and efficiency of use of irrigated and cultivated land, forest areas, mountainous, desert areas and pastures;
• Expansion and improvement of the quality of scientific research in the field of selection and seed production of agricultural crops, testing of breeding achievements;
• Systematic development of roadmaps for the development of Agriculture, reflecting existing problems and scientifically based ways to solve them on improving the reclamation state and increasing land fertility, introducing intensive agricultural technologies for growing agricultural crops, increasing profitability and reducing costs in agricultural production;
•Coordination of research activities with research institutes and higher educational institutions of the Republic.
• Involvement of business contract works;
• Involvement of students, undergraduates, doctoral students in scientific work, participation in the training of highly qualified specialists and personnel on the basis of biology, Geoecology and arid feed production. .

Main functions
• Development and implementation of advanced agricultural technologies for the production of arid feed, new generations of high-performance and reliable agricultural machines and mechanisms;
• Participation in the development of crop rotation schemes, taking into account the restoration and increase of soil fertility, especially in moderately and highly saline areas;
• Development and implementation of scientific foundations for improving the reclamation state of old irrigated land and developing new land, introduction of advanced land improvement
• Publication of scientific works of the center, dissemination of scientific knowledge;
• Coordinates scientific research and innovative projects on biology, Geoecology and arid feed production in the region and the Republic;
• Develops projects and programs of fundamental and Applied Research in the most important areas of development of the agro-industrial complex through the efforts of its institutions;
• Prepares proposals for the development of the scientific and technical potential of the center to strengthen the material base of science;
• Arid feed provides primary seed production of plants;
• Implementation of scientific research on business contracts;
• The center serves as an Integration Center that combines science, education and production, and implements communication between them. This connection is achieved by conducting field experiments and acquiring new knowledge, thanks to which new production technologies are created;;
• The Center organizes Field Days, seminars and conferences to familiarize the public and scientific experts with the best scientific and technical achievements and technologies, based on the results of which a list of scientific and technical developments is drawn up, which is transferred to the relevant authorities for the development and implementation of samples of equipment;;
• The results of the study are issued in the form of an application for obtaining certificates for obtaining patents, inventions, and selection achievements
• Development of a new scientific and educational program focused on the labor market based on conducting field research activities that contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge;
• Updating academic disciplines based on new knowledge acquired at the center. •Publication of research results;
• Implementation of joint research with international and Kazakh partners;
• Improving the level and quality of training of specialists in the field of biology, Geoecology and production of arid feed.

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Bolat Mukhambetov

Director of the Scientific-research center, doctor of Agricultural Sciences


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