KVN team «Khalel-Grand»

СFI team "Khalel-Grand"


The goal of the "Khalel Grand" CFI team is to educate young people in the spirit of humanity, support creative initiatives, identify talented individuals and new teams that can represent the University at various levels, and develop the CFI movement. Moral education of students, development of their creative abilities; identification and support of young talents among students; promotion of CFI games among University students, expansion and strengthening of their relationships. The team of CFI "Khalel Grand" with the support of the University takes part in the "CFI" games in Astana.

   Head and editor of the Funny and Inventive Club at the University:

   Specialist of the Department of youth policy Arystan Merey



Goal: to reveal the creative abilities of students, to promote the free presentation of their talents. Development of personal qualities of young people aimed at forming responsibility and hard work, development of leadership and organizational skills. An evening of Funny invention organizes on official holidays and outside of school hours. Participates in regional and national Zhaidarman and CFI competitions.

Group leader: Merey Arystan

Group members

1. Eldar Egizbayev faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences 3rd-year team captain

2. Zholdas Madeniet faculty of Economics and law

3. Danabay Ontalap faculty of multilingual education 2nd year

4. Kaisagaliev Dauletkerey Didarovich faculty of Economics and law 2nd year

5. Sauirbayuly Adilet faculty of physics mathematics and information technology 1st year