Kids University

This is a unique project for Kazakhstan, demonstrating the availability of university education for young people. It helps to develop curiosity in children, offering an original educational methodology that is different from the usual schooling, based on increasing experimentation, visibility, interactivity and mass participation. The program provides lectures, workshops, general development classes, excursions, art sessions on weekends and at vacation time. Lectures with children between 11 and 16 are given by university teachers and scientists in the university’s classrooms.

The main objectives of the program:

  • To make attractive science and modern technologies
  • To teach about research and design
  • To form an understanding of the sciences, (Physics, Ecology, etc.)
  • To provide an insight into possible future professions

Courses currently on offer:

  • Robotics
  • Eco-laboratory
  • Daily mathematics
  • Programming for pleasure
  • English everywhere
  • I want to become a lawyer
  • Studio of crafts
  • I'm a future artist