Educational methodical council

The main goal of the educational and methodological Council is to ensure sustainable growth of the quality of Educational Services; Organization of the educational process at a modern level through advanced systems, technologies, teaching methods and professional development of administrative staff and teaching staff. To achieve the goals set, it is necessary to carry out the following tasks:

  • organization of monitoring of methodological support for the quality of the educational process;
  • planning, organization of expertise and submission of recommendations for the publication of educational and methodological literature, textbooks and other materials published by the University Publishing House;
  • improving the educational process and providing methodological services at the University;
  • dissemination and implementation of advanced achievements in the organization and improvement of educational and methodological work;
  • preparation of proposals for the development of the quality management system and the implementation of the results of educational and methodological materials in the educational process;
  • organization of work on the improvement of existing technologies, methods, teaching aids and the introduction of new ones at the University;
  • coordination of work to improve the scientific and methodological potential of the teaching staff;
  • participation in the certification of education workers;

Direction of work

The educational and methodological council consists of the following commissions:

  • Checking the quality of educational programs;
  • Monitoring of assessment and training methods;
  • Educational and methodical works;
  • Integration of Education, Science and business;
  • Formation of a contingent of students.


The position of the chairman of the EMC is carried out by the chairman – vice – rector for Academic Affairs.
The composition of the EMC is the Departments of the faculty, elected members, heads of educational departments, heads of educational departments that carry out educational and methodological work and other university employees who have higher education pedagogy and methods of Higher Education. The list is registered

Work plan