Department of management

Head of the Department
Dyussegaliyeva Bakitnur 
master, senior lecturer

      The Department of Management is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Economics and Law of Atyrau University named after H. Dosmukhamedov, who train highly qualified managers who are able to solve business problems and problems in the current trends in the development of the national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
      The mission of the department is to train competitive, high-quality and multi-level specialists with professional qualifications and capable of implementing creative activities on a national and regional scale, capable of becoming market leaders, implementing innovative approaches to continuing education, research and educational process.
     The main goal of the department is to train competitive specialists in the field of management and public administration, to satisfy the interests of the university and students, to provide each student with the opportunity to choose the content of training to receive a quality education. In order to become a sought-after specialist, a professional must have the skills of critical thinking, creative behavior, the ability to work in a team, establish good relations, make the right decisions in a timely manner.

Tasks of the department:
- increasing the flexibility of mechanisms for the implementation of educational programs and the labor market;
– conducting high-level theoretical, methodological and practical classes in the disciplines of the department;
- formation of educational, teaching materials and a base for classroom and extracurricular (independent) work of students, developed with the participation of representatives of the employer (business structure) and using updated practical materials;
- motivation of students to high achievements based on beliefs and skills, as well as values that contribute to the formation of personal qualities of the future manager, personal and professional growth;
- conducting scientific and practical research on current problems and tasks of business within the framework of a scientific school with the participation of students;
- experience, practice, training for students.

The teaching staff of the department is based on highly specialized personnel. Currently, the department employs 13 full-time teachers, including:
- 1 Doctor of Sciences, professor;
- 2 candidates of sciences, associate professors;
- 6 masters.

As for the educational program, we train specialists in two areas:
- bachelor's degree:
6B04102 – "Management in industries";
6B04103 – "Economics and public administration".

      6B04102 - Management in industries: training of competitive specialists in the Kazakh labor market in the field of management and organizations with breadth and scale of views, globalization of thinking and professional skills that allow in various fields to apply unified techniques and methods of decision-making with detailed management justification, quickly adapt to the working conditions of the organization, effectively apply scientific approaches, principles and management methods, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainable efficient operation of the organization and its competitiveness.
      Bachelor of Economics in the educational program 6B04102-Management in industries carries out the following types of professional activities: at various levels of management, expert, specialist in the real sector of the economy, financial and banking system, business and entrepreneurship, design and research organizations, firms of various forms of ownership in accordance with qualification requirements.
      6B04103-Economics and Public Administration: training of highly qualified managers in the Kazakhstan labor market for organizational, analytical and project activities in state and local government bodies, state and municipal enterprises, institutions, non-profit and commercial organizations. Acquire skills in analyzing socio-economic and political processes, developing sound management decisions. 
      Bachelor of Economics in the educational program 6B04103-Economics and Public Administration carries out the following types of professional activities: in local government bodies, in various forms of ownership, economic, financial, expert organizations and enterprises of various activities; has all the necessary knowledge and practical skills for qualified work as middle and senior managers of the management system and can subsequently, to carry out their activities in various managerial positions.
      Over the years of its activity, the Department has trained more than 1,000 managers and civil servants. Most of them carry out management activities in many firms, organizations, in Kazakhstan and foreign enterprises.

Communication with enterprises
    Memoranda of mutual cooperation were signed with the following organizations: the Office of the Akim of Atyrau region, the Atyrau Regional Branch of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs, the Atyrau branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Limited Liability Partnership "Shyndau".


In a short time, branches of leading enterprises of the region have been opened at the department, and university students combine theoretical knowledge with practice. Especially important for our students is the sphere of management and organization, which is well developed in our region and gives high results.