Great Reasons to Study in Atyrau State University

 1. Reputable University 

Atyrau State University is a top choice for many international students who want to obtain good reputable degrees

 2. Strong History

The University has produced many top-quality graduates who have gone on to become well recognised in their specialist subjects.

 3. Competitive Course Fees

The University recognises the need for affordable learning and has set its course fees to be very competitive.

 4. Diverse Culture and No Language Barrier

As an international student, you can experience life in multi-cultural Atyrau. The majority of people in Atyrau understand and converse well in English. There is a large expat community.

 5. Modern Amenities

Live comfortably as a student here in Atyrau. We have a very good transportation system. Travelling within the city is very convenient using buses and taxis

 6. Weather

Atyrau has long hot dry summers, with short cold winters. Many days are filled with sunshine. During July and August there may be a few very hot days and during January some very cold days. However, for a few days of unusual weather the rest of the year can be very pleasant, enjoying good temperatures, low humidity and clear blue skies. Rain comes on a few days and snow also comes every winter, days when it snows are occasional and once on the ground generally the snow stays for the winter.

 7. Places of interest

There are lots of interesting places to visit: ranging from nature, historical places, cultural destinations and shopping. Atyrau has a good night life with many bars, restaurants with international food menus and clubs to party into the night.

 8. Low Crime Rate

Kazakhstan is relatively stable politically. With its low crime rate, Atyrau is a safe place to study.

 9. Friendly People

Atyrau people are very friendly and will make your study time here a memorable and enjoyable one.

 10. Accessible

The university is situated close to the airport and rail terminals giving access to many national and international cities.