Department of management


       Our graduates work and work for the benefit of the development of our country, and have achieved great results. Among them is a graduate of the specialty 5B051000-State and Local Administration Kalaui Meirim, who currently holds the position of akim of Atyrau


Meyirim Kalaui -Аkim of Atyrau City

Kumarov Asylan is a member of the Audit Commission of Atyrau region.

Ermek Serikuly Shmaliev - Head of the Department of Public Health Development and Monitoring of State Programs of the Atyrau Region Health Department

Shargabayeva Ruza Sagynbayevna-director of Tax Services LLP

Millat Dias - Atyrau oblysy akiminin apparatuses Personaldy baskaru boliminin bashysy

Sisatov Bolatbek - Deputy Akim of Isatay district
Aisara Sapieva is a leading specialist of the Planning, Analysis and Reporting Department of the Atyrau Region Audit Commission.
Tolegen Sandugash is the chief specialist of the Atyrau City Department of Internal Policy.
Duskaliev Arman Zhangerievich - inspector of the office of the akim of Atyrau region.