About faculty

The faculty of Economics and law of Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University is the largest faculty in the University. Currently, the faculty is working to train competitive specialists in the field of Economics, accounting, law, management, Finance, and management.

The training of economists at the Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University began in September 1995 at the faculty of Economics. The first contribution to improving the quality of training and organization of the educational process, promoting the work of the faculty from the moment of formation to the present time was made by doctor of Economics, Professor Nuryshev Galymzhan Zhumabayuly, candidate of Economic sciences. Suyunbaeva G.G., doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor Taubaev etc.

The faculty of Economics and law was formed in August 2012 as a result of the merger of the faculty of Economics and management and the faculty of law.

The strategic direction of the faculty of Economics and law is to ensure the quality of training of highly qualified, competent specialists with competitive advantages to work in the field of Economics and law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The development of the educational system of the faculty of Economics and law is based on the principle: "teachers should be trained for active work of students". On the basis of this principle, the faculty was able to provide a close connection with the scientific centers of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, attracting all scientists as teachers.

The aim of the faculty of Economics and law is to provide high quality educational services using innovative technologies and teaching methods that meet the requirements of modern labor market and ISM RK, may affect the dynamic development of the country and creating a competitive economic and legal professionals in the country focused on the issues of development of the most important directions of economic and legal science, adhere to the priority of national independence.

The faculty of Economics and law employs graduates of various years who have graduated from major universities in Kazakhstan, in particular Narkhoz University, al-Farabi Kazakh national University. Many teachers have completed or are continuing their master's studies at leading universities in the country. It also cooperates with universities of neighboring countries, in particular, with Kalmyk State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan technical University.

In accordance with the requirements of the country's higher education system, students of the faculty are trained in academic mobility at Kodolanyi Janos University (Hungary), Abay KazNPU, the Baltic International Academy, and Narkhoz University.

In order to systematize knowledge of the Faculty is equipped with the laboratory "criminalistics", the methodical study "Finance" laboratory "taxes and taxation", research of the Department "accounting and audit", the methodical study of "Economics", the methodical study of "Management", the methodical study of "State and local management", a hall of judicial sessions, forensic testing ground, teaching the darkroom". An important element of training in the first 3 years of students is the implementation of significant practices equipped with the most modern equipment.

The faculty of Economics and law has been operating a Legal clinic since 2012. In it, students, under the supervision of teachers, consult citizens who have applied for legal assistance. On the initiative of the University, with the participation of senior students, in order to ensure public order and prevent offenses, the structure "Lashyn" was created.

Associate Professor, Dr of a.s. Duisegaliev M. Zh. conducted research on the joint project "Biotechnology of genetic improvement of cattle productivity in Western Kazakhstan".

Achievements of the faculty.

In February 2015, a 2nd-year student of the specialty 5B050600-Economics Ismagulova A. Scientific work "Improvement of the ecological and economic mechanism of oil and gas resources management" (master of economic sciences She was awarded a diploma for participation in the Republican competition Zhandanu (under the leadership of A. K. Dzhumayeva), which was held in Almaty.

On March 13, 2015, students of the specialty 5B050600-Economics Amangosov Nurzhan, Turbayeva Assel and Begimova Bekzada in a team group called "EcASU" together associate Professor Dingaziyeva M.D. candidate of economic sciences, took part in the traditional VII Republican subject Olympiad of students organized by T.Ryskulov Kazakh (New) Economic university. Adiyetova E. M. participated under the scientific guidance of, presented and defended the scientific project "Intensification of beef production in the West of Kazakhstan". Awarded a Diploma of the III degree of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

April 20-23, 2015 senior teacher of the Department of Finance and accounting, master Kenzhegalieva Z. G. Participated in the VI Eurasian economic youth forum "Dialogue of civilizations: a world without war" with the scientific project "Public-private partnership in healthcare: foreign and Kazakhstani experience of the organization" (head- candidate of economic sciences Musayeva A. A.) in the nomination "Best scientific-research project on public-private partnership" was awarded a Diploma of the II degree.

In may 2015, which held Enactus Kazakhstan National EXPO 2015 in Almaty, social a 1st-year student of the specialty 5B051000-State and local management Zeynullayeva Zhuldyzai, 2nd-year student of the specialty 5B051000-State and local management Akkaliev Olzhas, who was awarded a diploma of the III degree in team competitions.

In 2015, a student G. Kubieva "Safe life-2035" (scientific supervisor- candidate of Economic sciences K. M. Utepkalieva) took part in the VI Eurasian economic youth forum "FUTUREnomics 2035: a SECURE FUTURE" at the Ural State University of Economics. And also this year Kenzhegalieva Z. Zh. Participated in the VI Eurasian economic youth forum "Dialogue of civilizations: a world without war" and received the nomination "Best research project" through a research project.