Department of management

            In order to improve pedagogical skills and the quality of the learning process, the teaching staff of the department actively participates in advanced training courses and internships, training seminars.
        The teacher of the department Kabdulova A. was awarded the diploma of the 1st degree "The best young scientist-2021" for participation in the project "III International Book Publishing House"


The teaching staff of the department have completed an international scientific internship:
senior lecturer Ermekbayeva A. K., from 2013 to February 2014, 10 months of internship at the Higher School of England Northampton Business School Northampton under the program "Bolashak".

Zholumbaeva R. M. Master of Economics in November 2016 took part in the Newcastle University seminar and upgraded her qualifications.

Utalieva R. S.-In August 2018, she took advanced training courses in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In 2018, under the guidance of Associate Professor Utalieva R. With a Master's degree in Economics Baimukhanova M. T., students took 2nd place in the international Olympiad in Management at the School of Economics and Business of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

     In 2021, many students of the department won prizes at the II Republican Distance Olympiad in the specialty "Management " among universities of 1-4 courses.
     Under the guidance of Master, senior lecturer Baymukhanova M. T., 1st year students of ЕP 6B04102 - "Management" Askarova Dana, Adilova Akzhunus, Sabyrden Imangali took 1st place.In 2022, students under the guidance of teachers of the department took part in the III Republican Distance Olympiad in the specialty Management.
     According to the results of the Olympiad, student  s of EP 6B04102-Management in the industries Akhmetov A., Abdulgaparov E., Musabayeva A., Ismagulova B., Kuramisova G., Nazymbekova A., Alimsheeva A. took 3rd place.


      2nd year students of ЕP 6B04103 - " Economics and Public Administration " Kalmurza Lyazzat, Saynov Ramazan, Berdibaev Armanbek took 2nd place. Scientific supervisor, Master's degree, senior lecturer Eralieva A. A.
     Under the guidance of Associate Professor Utalieva R. S., 3rd year students of the specialty 5B051000 - "State and local Government" Temirtasov Asylzhan, Salikhov Dias and Tlepbergenova Nurai took 3rd place.
     Student EP 6B04103-Economics and Public Administration Zholdasbai N., Nazymbekov A., Zhubanov K., Shaidollayeva Sh., Pridradova B., Bakhten A. took II place, student Tulegenov A., Kalmyrza L., Zinullina A., Saduakhasov S. III place.


Participation in scientific and methodological seminars:
     Teachers of the department together with the Department for Improving the quality of Education and the development of the educational program Akhmurzina D.O., Zholumbaeva R.M. at the methodological seminar discussed and defended the introduced curricula 6B04103 "Economics and Public Administration" and 6B04102 "Management in industries".
     In addition, the faculty of the department participated in a scientific seminar on the topics "Web of Science and modern scientific methods", "On writing and publishing international scientific journals, as well as a selection of scientific journals", "Based on academic articles about scientific writing".

Visiting professors on international academic mobility.
    Professor of Cambridge University, PHD member of the Cambridge Foundation for Management in Finance, Adviser to Forte Bank of Kazakhstan in 2016, Professor Turalai Kench delivered a lecture for management students and shared his experience.
   According to the international mobility program on 11 03-5.04.2019, a PhD scientist from the University of Anatolia, Hakan Sezeral, was invited to the Faculty of Economics and Law, who conducted master classes on the discipline "Organizational Behavior".
   As part of the academic mobility, R.S. Utalieva in March 2018, R.M. Zholumbayeva in 2019 completed an internship at the Sh. Yesenov Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering.
  In the 2021-2022 academic year, in the period from 10.02.22-20.04.22, teachers of the department Yeralieva A.A., Dyusegalieva B.M., as part of academic mobility, held online lectures at the Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Yesenov.
   During the same period, teachers of the Department of Management of the Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Yesenov Kosymbaev Sh.I., Taskinbaykyzy Zh. within the framework of academic mobility, online lectures were held at the Atyrau University named after H.Dosmukhamedov.
   In May 2022, the senior lecturer of the department Akhmurzina D.O., according to the Orkhun program, completed an internship in the discipline of Management at the Azerbaijan
   University of Architecture and Construction.

    In addition, as part of strengthening international cooperation in 2015, students of the specialty 5B051000 – State and Local Administration Muratova A. and Alibek A. were trained at the Baltic Academy (Latvia).
    Amankul Inkar, a 2nd-year student of the Management specialty, studied at the Kuzbass State Technical University named after T. F. Gorbachev, Kemerovo, Russian Federation.
    2nd year students of OP 6B04103-Economics and Public Administration Kalmyrza Lyazzat, Saynov Ramazan, Zholdasbai Nazym studied at the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisov (Uralsk).
     At the same time, Sabytai Ulmeken studied academic mobility at our university from the Kazakh-Russian International University (Aktobe).
    Students of the 4th year of specialties 5B050700-Management Zholdasova Aida, Nurlanovna Sania, Muratova Gulnur in the period from 04.10.2021-04.02.2022. he studied academic mobility at the University of Niide Omer Halisdemir of the Republic of Turkey.

Research works:
     Professor of the department Taubaev Baktybek Zhubandykovich joined the research working group together with the Research Institute of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi on the topic: "Problems of research on ecological and economic assessment of pasture territories of the Volga-Ural interfluve". The study period covers the period from 2019 to 2021.
    PhD, Utalieva R. S. senior lecturer Zholumbaeva R. M. are leading an initiative scientific project on the topic: "Innovative potential of the region: the mechanism of formation and assessment of the current state".
    In May 2022, teachers of the department Utaliyeva R., Yeraliyeva A., Dyussegaliyeva B. published a textbook "HR management" for students of economic educational programs.
    In November, 2021, the work of the School of Civil Service was resumed, together with the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs in Atyrau region. According to the plan, guest lectures, an open day, meetings with veterans of civil service labor, a meeting with candidates who passed into the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve, trial tests for the civil service were organized for students.

Meeting of students with candidates who have passed into the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve

In February 2022, a branch of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs in Atyrau region was opened on the basis of the University

Upon completion of the full course of the Civil Service School, students were awarded certificates.

Lists of published monographs:
     1. "Improvement of index selection methods in color karakul breeding" M.J.Dyusegaliev, B.M.Dyusegalieva monograph Atyrau State University Publishing House, 2019-217 p.-bibliogr.:171-196-ISBN 978-601-262-324-6
    2.Nursultan N., Utalieva R.S., Zholumbayeva R.M. Kazakhstan-Europalyk yntamaktastyk sauda-ekonomikalyk aspecti: Monograph/-Almaty: New book,2020-308b.ISBN 978-601-240-315-2
    The teachers of the department, Ph.D. in Economics, Nursultan K. N., Baymukhanova M. T., Akhmurzina D.O. published a textbook "Operational and production Management".
    The faculty also advises students on scientific topics.
    On February 5, 2021, the Department of Management organized a presentation of new textbooks from the library fund for the faculty and students of the faculty on the topic "Kitap–inexhaustible spiritual world".
     In May 2022, teachers of the department Utaliyeva R., Yeraliyeva A., Dyussegaliyeva B. published a textbook "HR management" for students of economic educational programs.
 Guest lectures:
Strengthening ties with production through workshops occupies a special place in the organization of practice-oriented training. In accordance with this, guest lectures are held.
  So, for the 3rd year students of the specialty 5B051000-State and local administration, a guest lecture was held by the chief inspector of the organizational and inspection department of the office of the akim of Atyrau region Ermek Shmaliev Serikovich

On the discipline "HR Management", an online guest lecture was held by the head of the personnel management Department of the office of the Akim of Atyrau region Millat Dias.

For 1st year students of the specialty 6B04103-Economics and Public Administration, the lecture was conducted by the Ethics representative of Atyrau region Akhmetova F.

On November 15, 2021, for students of EP 6B04102- Management in industries, EP 6B04103 Economics and Public Administration, a guest lecture was held by the Head of the Nephrolife BIV Atyrau Dialectic Center, M. Kurmasheva on the topic: "International trade and trade policy".

On November 17, 2021, the director of "TAX SERVICES COMPANY" LLP Shargabayeva R. gave a lecture on the topic: "Conflict management in a group" for students of EP 6B04103 - Economics and Public Administration.