Department of criminal law disciplines

                The educational work of the department "Department of Criminal Law Disciplines" is carried out according to plan. Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Karaganda University named after E.A. Boketov, a republican Olympiad was held among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to study the foundations of the Constitution and state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Law enforcement students took part and took 3rd place.


                   6В04202 of the department of criminal law went to the center of the Institute of Forensic Examinations in Atyrau region under the guidance of Begala Kulaysha Salybekovina, with 4th year students of the specialty law enforcement service, and got acquainted with the work of this center.


Magzomova I. A. and Huseynov R. A., 4th year students of law enforcement. The best student took part in the competition of the best students.