Department of Music and Art

Head of the Department
Shauzhanova Akkenzhe Tazhikovna

Communication with the school:
Currently, students of the department studying in the following specialties undergo pedagogical, special practice.
Specialty 6B01403 – "Music teacher, teacher of additional education" D. Kunaev BINОМ – lyceum,  secondary school № 16 named after J. Karazhigitov, secondary school №. 15 named after Abai, secondary school № 2 named after J. Nazhmidenova.
Specialty 6B02101 – "Concert and chamber performer, teacher" Small Academy of Arts named after N.Tlendiev, regional Philharmonic named after N. Zhanturin, Kurmangazy House of Culture.
According to the specialty 6B02102 – "Folk instruments" and "6B02104 - "Folk Singing", communication is carried out between the Atyrau Regional Philharmonic named after N.Zhanturin, the Kurmangazy children's music school.
Graduates are given pre-graduate practice in the above-mentioned institutions during the final state certification of full-time, full-time, shortened courses, and thesis defense. Graduates defend their projects in front of the chairman and members of the State Attestation Commission, heads of institutions, and teachers. In addition, the department carries out career guidance work, organizes various events in city and district schools. In particular, he conducts work directing school graduates to choose a profession. In particular, during the practice, with the help of students, vocational guidance on teaching activities for schoolchildren was carried out through questionnaires, testing, and an advertising campaign about the university and the department was conducted. The presentation "Men onerdi tandaimyn", "Mamandygym -bolashagym" was presented.
Students of the Department of academic mobility study at the Kazakh National University "Shabyt" in Astana, the Kazakh-National Conservatory named afterKurmangazy, Almaty, KazNPU named after Abai, M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan University, Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov. In the 1st semester of the 2021-2022 academic year in the city of Neide of the Turkish State University named afterOmer Halisdemira, a 4th-year student of Gazymova Bibikhan with academic mobility, majored in Music Education and entered the master's program at this university in 2022.
In the 2nd semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, a 3rd-year student of the specialty "Music Teacher, teacher of additional education" Mukhametkalieva Kamshat entered Omer Khamisdemir University, Niide.