Department of geography, tourism and water resources

Head of the Department
Mustafina Asemgul Zhanibekovna
master, senior lecturer

The projects of the Department:
The Department of geography, tourism and water resources conducts innovative research in 3 stages:
1.Production and preservation of useful properties of camel alfalfa seeds of "Arkas" and "Sarayshyk" varieties
2.Study of the properties and fertility of sorted alluvial-meadow soils on irrigated lands of Makhambet district of Atyrau region and the impact on the yield of forage crops cultivated on these lands
3. Study of acclimatization of dung vegetation during landscaping of Atyrau city

Connection with the school:
On October 7, 2014, a branch of the Department of geography was opened in gymnasium No. 35. The Department presented visual AIDS, globes of the globe, atlases, methodological literature of Kazakhstan to the Department of the branch. The purpose of opening the branch is to develop dual education, introduce effective methods of teaching at school, and provide methodological assistance to classroom teachers. In accordance with the work plan of the Department's branch, students conduct seminars on geography on the topic "Methods of teaching geography at school" once a week.