Department of chemistry and chemical technologies

Head of department
Kadasheva Zhanar Kadyrbaevna
PhD, associate professor. acting professor

The projects of the Department:
The Department of chemistry and ecology conducts innovative scientific works in 2 stages:
direction 1: paramagnetic properties of oil and its role in oil production, processing and refining (PhD. Nasirov R. N.)
direction 2: a study of the Toxicological status of the Ural-Caspian basin (head of the grant scientific project PhD. Tulemissova G. B.)
grant of scientific project on "a study of the current Toxicological status of the Ural-Caspian basin" together with specialists of the Department "Ecology" on the river Ural, Kigach and North-East Caspian sea organized a scientific expedition, yearly acts of scientific papers, financial reports.

Connection with the school:
The teaching staff of the Department is constantly engaged in career guidance when working with secondary schools (continuous teaching practice, professional practice, management of scientific-research work of secondary school students, the chairmanship of secondary school students in city and regional chemistry Olympiads).