Department of criminal law disciplines

Head of the Department
Mukhamedina Asel Eginbayevna
master of juridical sciences, senior lecturer

Department projects

B. Tazhgarina and A. Salikhova have been awarded with the certificate for 100,000 tenge for  their active participation in the regional competition of scientific projects dedicated to the Kazakhstan model of public consent and nationwide unity of N. A. Nazarbayev. 
Department of Criminal Law Disciplines of Atyrau University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedova, carries out training in the specialty 6B04202-Law enforcement and is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Economics and Law, develops skills of independent decision-making in certain types of law enforcement practice (investigative, investigative-criminological, operational-investigative, operational-economic, operational-criminological, administrative- legal, criminal enforcement, advocacy activities)
Mission Department - The mission of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines is the training of specialists who can quickly adapt to global changes in the field of criminal and criminal procedural law, work in law enforcement agencies.
The main goal of the department is the development and implementation of legal norms, ensuring legality and law and order, training qualified specialists capable of working in law enforcement activities based on the relationship between education, scientific research and practical training.
The responsibilities of the department include organization and implementation of educational and methodical work at a high level on topics assigned to the department;
- training and advanced training of the teaching staff of the department;
- perfection of the educational material base;
-organization and conducting of fundamental and applied research and implementation of their results in practice, including in the educational process;
- formation of students' active civic position, ability to work.
The foundation of the teaching staff of the department consists of qualified personnel - candidates of sciences, masters, associate professors:
- 2 candidates of sciences;
- 1 Phd doctor - 22 Master of Science

Communication with the school
The Department of Criminal Law Disciplines closely cooperates with various schools of our city to generate interest among graduates in the specialty of jurisprudence. Knowledge of one’s rights and laws is the duty of every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department conducts practical classes for high school students to familiarize them with the citizen rights and obligations. The meetings are organized by school authorities. High schoolers are advised of the possibility of getting a job in any industry by choosing the specialty of jurisprudence during the meetings. We also work closely with the School-Lyceum №16 named after Zh. Karazhigitov, School-Lyceum №17, The Secondary School №19 named after K. Satpayev, etc.