Department history

The history of the music department dates back to 1976, whenfor the Guryev Pedagogical Institute the need arose to open a music and pedagogical faculty, the task of which was to train highly qualified music teachers for secondary and children's music schools in the city and region.

In 1976, by order of the Deputy Minister of Education of the Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata (No. 333. May 24, 1976) and by order of the rector of the Guryev Pedagogical Institute G.D. Dairov (No. 124. 05/28/1976) at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics the departmentof"Theory and History of Music" and "Special and Additional Instruments» wasopened.

In connection with the opening of the specialty No. 2119 “Music and Singing” in the academic year 1976-1977, 50 placeswereawardedto109 applicants. By order of the Guryev Pedagogical Institute No. 197 dated 08.21.1976, 50 students were enrolled in the number of first-year students: 25 in the Russian department and 25 in the Kazakh department.

In 1977, on the basis of the order of the rector of the Guryev Pedagogical Institute, the "Musical Pedagogical Faculty" was created. G.M.Kotlyaris appointed asDean(order No. 199 dated 07/27/1977). In the same year, on his initiative, a children's choral studio "The Sun" was organized at the faculty.

In the 1977 - 19778 academic year, three departments workedwhere 28 teachers carriedout their teaching activities:
1. Department of"Theory and History of Music" - Head of the Department is a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, Senior Lecturer Viktor Ivanovich Shkaburin;
2.Department of"Musical Instruments" - Head of the department is a graduate of the Astrakhan State Conservatory, Senior Lecturer Natalya Arkadyevna Kornyusha;
3.Departmentof "Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education" - Head of the Department is a graduate of the Ural Pedagogical Institute, Ph.D., Associate Professor Shaukenov Kuseken Shaukenovich.

In 1979 - 1980, the number of students in the specialty "Music and Singing"fourtimes increased. Students from Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, as well as from Aktobe, Ural, Chimkent, Mangistau regions studied at the faculty.

A significant contribution to the development of professional music education in the city and the region was made by the Honored Worker of Culture, National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the Order of Parasat, conductor, enlightener of traditional musical art Gabdiev Ryspay Khismetovich, who led the faculty in 1980 - 1990.

In the 1988 - 1989 academic year, the correspondence department of "Music and Singing" was opened. The numberof students at the faculty was 501 people, 276 of which were full-time students.
In 1990-1992, Tatyana Shaposhnikova (Pupykina) was appointedas the head of the “Musical Pedagogical Faculty”.
From 1992 - 1998, the faculty of “Music and Pedagogy” washeadedby O.D. Bakhtiyarov.

In 1994, the faculty of “Music and Pedagogy” opened a new specialtyof “TheVisual Arts”, in connection with which a new department “Methods of Teaching Music and Fine Arts” was organized, and the faculty was named “Music and Fine Arts”.
The head of the department was the candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Vladimir Konstatinovich Chureev.
In 1998, the Department of Music Education was a subdivision of the faculty of Pedagogy and Art.

In 2002, a number of structural changes took place at the university: through the merger of the two faculties “Pedagogy and Psychology” and “Music and Pedagogy”, the faculty “Pedagogy, Psychology and Art” was formed. B.T. Barsai, thecandidateofpedagogical scienceswas appointed astheDeanoffaculty. The faculty of “Music and Pedagogy” was transformed into the department of “Music Education”. O.D. Bakhtiyarovwas appointedasthehead of the department.

In 2003, the specialty "Traditional Musical Art" was opened, where studentslearnedto play folk instruments and folk singing. The department prepares specialists for children's music schools, educational creative institutionsandorganizations. In 2004, another specialty “Acting Art” was opened at the department, after which graduates acquire the specialtyof “Musical Theater Actor”, “Drama Theater and Cinema Actor”.

On November 16, 2009, the Department of Music Education was renamed tothe Department of Music and Art and continues to train specialists in the specialties of Music Education, Traditional Music Art and Acting Art.
In 2010, a new specialty “Vocal Art” was opened, as the society needed highly qualified personnel in this field of activity. Training of specialists is carried out in the direction of "Academic Singing".

From 2006 - 2015, the head teacher of the departmentis E.D. Kovaleva.
In 2015 - 2016, on the basis of creative specialties, the Faculty of Arts and Sports was organized.

From 2015 - 2016, the department of“Music and Art” is headed by a senior teacher, Cultural Worker G.B. Dzhaksiyeva.
From 2016 - 2019, the department is headed by the candidate of art criticism B.Zh. Turmagambetova.
Since 2019, E.D. Kovalevais appointed asthe head of the department “Music and Art”.

Today, the Department of Music and Arts is rightfully proud of the honored cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, a famous composer, writer, researcher of traditional musical culture, Ilya Zhakanov, who makes a significant contribution to the upbringing of young generation, to the formation of national consciousness. He wrote the biographies of many famous Kazakh musicians.