About faculty

About faculty:

       The Faculty of Humanities and Arts is one of the oldest faculties of Atyrau University. It was established in 1950 as part of the Faculty of Philology and Geography. Since 1959, it has been renamed the Faculty of History and Philology. In 2006, it was renamed the Faculty of Humanities. Since August 8, 2017, it has been renamed the Faculty of Humanities and Arts. In different years, the faculty (depending on the specialties) was represented by L. P. Azovskaya, L. I. Belyi, Z. A. Aldamzhar, N.I. Utegenov, N. E. Bakharev, J. B. Baki, I. K. Kameshev, G. N. Nygmet, A. S. Imangaliev, A. S. Sarsenov, T. T. Tolepbergen, J. J. Mustafin, S. I. Kamelova, K. Sundetovich, G. K. Kairgalieva, D. U. Khamidullina, S. B. Aimuratov, B. B. Kurgan. All of them contributed to the formation and development of the faculty. Currently, the faculty is headed by PhD, Acting Associate Professor Khamidullina D. U.
        The main goal of the faculty is to improve the quality of humanitarian, pedagogical, and social personnel in the country, to train competitive, qualified specialists who possess modern information technologies.
        The faculty has 4 departments: the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the World, the Department of Journalism and Public Relations, the Department of Music and Art, the Department of Fine Arts and Design. The departments employ more than 60 teaching staff, more than 1,000 students and undergraduates. Professors, doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, and masters work within the walls of the faculty.
        The graduates of the faculty are deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor K.E. Ermekov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. A. Aitaly, public figure S.Yerenov, as well as famous scientists A. S. Imangaliev, A. K. Mukhtar, G. K. Kenzhebaev, graduates of the faculty A.K. Akhmet, U.T. Akhmetova, L. B. Berdyguzhin and others work in the field of education, media, art, law enforcement agencies, public administration in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.
        There are student circles created by our students who actively participate in public, socio-cultural events of the university, such as the archaeological educational and research center, the student council "Smart Students", the debate club "1986", the club of self-development "Tobe", the club of poets "Aktanger", the ensemble of dombrists "Asemkonir", the student orchestra, female vocal ensemble "Ars Nova", male vocal ensemble "Quatro".