"Scientific School named after professor K. B. Seitaliev"


 Pedagogical laboratory of the department under the guidance of Candidate of pedagogical sciences. G. B. Bazargaliev

"Scientific School named after professor K. B. Seitaliev"


І.       Goal:

-         - Improving the training of future teachers in the system of reforming university education;

-         - Provision and development of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-         - Study and dissemination of the pedagogical heritage of experienced teachers and scientists of universities;

-        – Assistance to students and undergraduates in the development of professional, psychological and pedagogical knowledge, the formation of their interest in research work.

II.      Task:

-         - Qualified training of future specialists-teachers demonstrating high professionalism and pedagogical skills in future professional and pedagogical activities;

-         - Formation and improvement of pedagogical skills;

-        - Analysis of research projects and programs, study of pedagogical and psychological problems of folk pedagogy, a small rural school;

-         - Organization of research and practical work of students and undergraduates.


III.    Scientific direction:Training of teaching staff for secondary schools.

IV.    The plan for 2022:

-        – Development and improvement of educational and methodological complexes of disciplines of the pedagogical cycle: - Doctor of Pedagogical sciences Dzhanzakova Sh. I., associate professor Sabirov A. R., senior lecturer Zhubangalieva G. G., - (February)

-         – Formation and development of higher education in Kazakhstan 1930-2020: - senior lecturer Zhubangalieva G. G., Candidate of Pedagogical sciences Bazargaliev G. B. - (march)

-        - Educational heritage of Alash figures in Western Kazakhstan (project) 1920-1950: - Bazargaliev G. B. - (April)

-         – Research, study of the scientific and pedagogical heritage of Professor K. B. Seitaliev: - Associate professor G. T. Kurmangazieva, Associate Professor A. R. Sabirov - (May)


V.      Composition:

1.     Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor Dzhanzakova Sh. I.,

2.     Candidate of Pedagogical sciences , Associate Professor Koishygulova L. E.,

3.     Associate Professor, senior lecturer Sabirov A. R.,

4.     Candidate of Pedagogical sciences Mutalieva D. R.,

5.     Associate professor, senior lecturer Kurmangazieva G. T.,

6.     Senior lecturer Zhubangalieva G. G.


VI.    Date of the event:

         Thursday, 15:00


VII.   Format of the event:

            Zoom - Online platform