Scientific school "Еmotional intelligence"


                                    Under the guidance of Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Zh. N. Sabirova of the Department of Psychology and Special Education 

Scientific school "Еmotional intelligence"


І.      Purpose: Тo instill in students the ability to correctly assimilate, interpret and correctly use their emotions and the emotions of others in communication, in practice.


II.      Task:

-         To acquaint world, domestic scientists with research on the management of emotions, feelings, mental states;

-         Mastering the technologies of perception, understanding, control of one's own and others' emotions in communication, activity.

-        Formation of the skill of emotional intelligence.

III. Scientific direction: Mastering technologies for developing literacy, emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, and the ability to control the emotions of others


IV.    The plan for 2021:

1.     Theory of emotional intelligence and types of intelligence: - Musina G.M., Turegalieva V.S., Akhmet-Umirzak A.K. – (February).

2.     Emotional awareness. Control and development of emotions. - Sabirova Zh.N., Kaziev K.O., Gumarova G. - March.

3.     Fundamentals of understanding and perception of empathy and emotions of others: Kazhenbayeva A.E., Bisembayev T.Zh., Karabayeva N.B., - April.

4.     Managing other people's emotions and reactions: Nurmukasheva S.K., Sultangalieva A.E. - May.

V.      Composition:

1.     Candidate of psychological sciences, Associate Professor Nurmukasheva S.K.,

2.     Candidate of psychological sciences Shugaeva G.K.,

3.     Associate professor, senior lecturer Kazhenbayeva A. E.,

4.    PhD doctor Kaziev K.O.,

5.     senior lecturer, master Musina G. M.,

6.     Senior lecturer, master Bisembayeva T. Zh

7.    Candidate of Psychological Sciences Rizuanova A.K.


VI.    Date of the event:

         Thursday, 15:00


VII.  Format of the event:

        Zoom online platform

Report on the work done by the scientific school " Emotional Intelligence " for the 2020-2021 academic year

The work plan of the school "Emotional Intelligence" for the 2022-2023 academic year