Scientific school "School of public service"

                  SCHOOL OF PUBLIC SERVICE


Under the guidance of Ph.D., head of the department "Management" R.S. Utaliyeva

Scientific school "School of public service"

          I.Purpose: strengthening and development of the scientific base of the department, development and support of scientific research as the basis for the training of qualified personnel in accordance with the needs of the state and society.


          II. Tasks:

• implementation of scientific results in the educational process;

• involvement and participation of young employees in the research work of the department;

• Involvement of students in scientific work;

• Publication of the obtained results in prestigious foreign publications;

• Patenting of the obtained results;

• Participation in Kazakh and foreign grant programs to support scientific research;


          III. Scientific direction: determination of promising types of interaction between the regional education system, the state and the scientific school in order to increase the efficiency of regional development.

IV. Plan for 2021:

1. Planning for the admission of teachers of the department to doctoral studies (grant, target) and magistracy (grant, target);

2. Facilitating the participation of teachers of the department in foreign language courses;

3. Activation of the preparation and publication of scientific articles of the teaching staff of the department in peer-reviewed journals with a non-zero impact factor;

4. Preparation of students for various competitions, conferences and olympiads on student research;

5. Organization of active participation of teachers and students in the communication zone "G-Global";

6. Stimulating the publication of articles in the journal "Khabarshy" of Atyrau University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov;

7. Strengthening the work to attract foreign and domestic scientists to joint research on the implementation of the educational program;

8. Participation of the teaching staff of the department in scientific internships and advanced training courses (online) of the teaching staff.


          V. Composition of the scientific school:

1 Utaliyeva Raykhan Sagitzhanovna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department

2 Taubaev Baktybek Zhubandykovich - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor

3 Nursultanova Kulyan Nurbaevna - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

4 Baymukhanova Maya Talashovna - Master of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

5 Eralieva Ayymgul Aldabergenovna - Master of Economics, Senior Lecturer

6 Abuzyarova Zhanna Rafikovna - Master of Economics, Senior Lecturer

7 Kenzhegaliyeva Gulbarshyn Bolatovna - Master of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

8 Dyusegaliyeva Bakitnur Mukhitovna - Master of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

VI. Date: Friday, 15:00

VII. Transfer Format:

Online platform Zoom Offline - educational building №4, auditorium №109

VIII. List of reports for the meeting "Science cafe":

1. "Perspective forms of interaction between the scientific school and the authorities" - Utaliyeva R.S., February 2021

2. "Organization of professional practice in a pandemic" in the ZOOM online format for students - Zholumbaeva R.M., March, 2021

3. Open lecture "Academic writing as a basis for the literacy of a qualified specialist" ZOOM - Eralieva A.A., April 2021

4. "Improving the skills of students in the collection and analysis of materials, the use of information technology": Akhmurzina D.O. - October 2021

20 october 2021

16 November 2021

25 November 2021

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