Academic school "Professional competence of a teacher: competence-based teaching of mathematics"


Department of "Mathematics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics"

under the guidance of Professor B. T. Barsay

Academic school "Professional competence of a teacher: competence-based teaching of mathematics"


І. Goal:To ensure the current conditions for the professional training of competent and competitive specialists for secondary schools in accordance with the policy of higher education, strengthening the intellectual potential and practice-oriented activities of the Higher School, integrating it with science and practice, helping mathematics teachers working in secondary schools, in improving knowledge in the direction of professional competence.


ІІ. Task:

1.     Participates in determining the priority directions of innovative activities of the school, which will be based in education and the Republic of Kazakhstan

2.    Carries out scientific and methodological, organizational, pedagogical advisory activities to support the innovative activities of the school.

3.     Participates in the analysis and adoption of innovative programs in the activities of the school.

4.     Organizes research on the formation and development of professional competence of mathematics teachers.

5.    Hears reports on the use of modern teaching technologies in schools in mathematics lessons, on the work done to develop teachers' professional competencies, gives them a scientific assessment and develops a strategy for future development.

6.     Helps teachers to engage in pedagogical projects on a specific topic, promotes their participation in such competitions as "Teacher of the Year", "Best Mathematician.

7.     Participates in the development of teaching aids together with math teachers.

8.     Advises teachers on scientific orientation and admission to the magistracy.

9.     The mathematician helps teachers to publish about their experience in pedagogical publications, gives feedback about their work.


ІІІ.Scientific direction: Special problems of the theoretical foundations of teaching mathematics.


IV.The plan for 2021:

1.     State mandatory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

basic provisions (Barsay B. T.)

2.     Formation of nodal and educational competencies of students in accordance with 12-year education (Barsay B. T.)

3.     Competence-based teaching of mathematics (Barsay B. T.)

4.     Improving the use of interactive technologies by teachers in mathematics lessons in accordance with 12-year education (Bekmukhanova M.)

5.    Formation of information competence of students using information and communication technologies of teaching in mathematics lessons (Utyasheva A.)

6.    Ways of forming key competencies of students in the process of teaching mathematics (Palzhanov E.)

7.     Formation of students' information competence with the help of computer programs (Sagyngalievna T.)

8.     Ways of forming the competence of teaching staff in accordance with 12-year education (Bekmukhanova M.)

9.     Clarification in the calendar plan of the formation of key competencies of students in mathematics lessons (Zakarina M.).

10. Improving the quality of students' knowledge in mathematics through innovations in teaching; improving creative abilities (Mutalipova G.)

11. Formation of students' educational competencies through developing teaching in mathematics lessons (Dokesova A.)

12. Professional competence of a teacher is the basis of productive education (Barsay B. T.)

13. Formation of professional and didactic competence of the future teacher in the conditions of modernization of education (Barsay B. T.), etc.


V. The composition of the scientific school:

         Mathematics teachers of secondary school, university teachers, undergraduates, members of the Small Academy of Arts named after N. Tlendiev and the National Gymnasium No.13 named after Baybosynova.


VI.Date of the event:

Friday, 16:00

VII. The event format:

Zoom online platform.