Scientific school "formation of physical culture in secondary schools and preschool institutions"


 Under the guidance of Ph.D., Professor, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Department "Physical Culture and initial military training", Aralbayev Alpysbay Seitkalievich

  Scientific school "formation of physical culture in secondary schools and preschool institutions"

І.       Goal:

Creation of new scientific knowledge based on the determination of the levels of physical fitness and physical development of children and adolescents in the chosen scientific direction, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and development of the scientific potential of the department.

II.      Task:

-         Activation of research work and improvement of the effectiveness of activities at the department in the scientific direction;

-         Involvement of faculty and students in scientific research, creation of conditions for the disclosure of the creative abilities of representatives of the scientific school and ensuring continuity with the scientific schools of the university.

III.    Scientific direction: problems of physical development and training of children

IV.    The plan for 2021:

1.    Improving students' love for our country by holding military-patriotic events: - Dzhumageldiev E. T., Izteleuov B. A., Kaldybayeva A. A. - (March);

2.     Formation of professional training of future specialists in physical culture: - Mambetov N.M., Aralbayev A. S., Tulegenov E. K. - (April)

3.     Ways to activate work on the formation of a healthy lifestyle at the mass level: - Kanatbayev R. A., Utebalieva G. M. - (May)

4.     To determine (study) the indicators of physical development and the level of training of schoolchildren of Atyrau region: - Cherkeshbaeva G. K., Utebalieva G. M., Aitkalieva U. Z., Imangaliev A. K. - (September)

5.     Develop methods of student development based on the data of the level of physical fitness and development: - Kaldybayeva A. A. - (October)

6.     Solve physical training of schoolchildren and students with the help of scientific data using distance learning technologies: - Kairgozhin D. U., Temirgalieva G. T. - (November)

7.     History of sports of Atyrau region: - Mukhitov K. S. - (December)



V.      Composition:

1.    Candidate of Pedagogical sciences Aralbaev A. S.,

2.     Candidate of Pedagogical sciences Tulegenov E. K.,

3.     Candidate of Historical sciences Mukhitov Kh. S.,

4.    Senior lecturer, Master Kaiyrgozhin D. O.,

5.     Senior lecturer, Master Akserikov G. E.


VI.    Date of the event:

         Thursday, 15:00


VII. Format of the event:

           Online platform - Zoom