Association of Asian Universities (membership since 2018)

Association of Asian universities (membership since 2018)

The idea of creating the Association of Asian universities-the Association of Asian universities appeared and was discussed at the International Student Asian Forum "Altai – Asia 2012". In addition, a memorandum was signed on the need to unite within the framework of the association for the implementation of the goals of integration, mutual cooperation, and academic exchange. During the year, higher education institutions carried out a huge amount of work: they agreed on the main provisions of the Charter on the establishment of the Association, developed their own approaches to public and state bodies.
The Association is a voluntary association of universities in the Asian region, established on the basis of trust and principles of mutual respect in order to improve the efficiency of the higher education system in the Asian region, introduce best educational practices, achieve a cooperative effect within the international educational community, expand cooperation and partnerships between educational institutions in the Asian region.
The purpose of the Association is to form a single Asian educational space by promoting cooperation between universities and other member organizations of the Association, which involves coordinating their joint work in the field of improving educational, research, cultural, educational and public activities.; development of recommendations aimed at the development of university education, improving the quality of training of specialists with university education, improving the effectiveness of scientific research, and developing the social sphere of educational institutions.