Department of physical culture and imt education

Head of the Department
Aralbayev Alpysbai Seitkaliyevich
candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The projects of the Department:
Since September 2016, the faculty of the Department together with Astrakhan technical State University has been conducting scientific-research work at Kh. Dosmukhamedov ASU on the topic "Recognized monitoring of recommendations for the development and promotion of movement in the field of health". An agreement was signed between the two universities. No. 784-2016 / S, April 8, 2016. The work is carried out in three stages.

Connection with the school:
Department of physical culture and IMT with secondary schools №1,3,10,11,12,13,15,16,19,19,21,24,35, A. Zhangeldin secondary schools and Abay of Atyrau, as well as higher educational institutions of Russia and abroad: Astrakhan State technical University and Astrakhan State University; Savonsky University of applied Sciences; Kazakh universities: Kazakh Academy of sport and tourism, K. Zhubanov Aktobe regional State University, S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State university, K. Dutbaev humanitarian college, Atyrau Oil and gas technological college, as a base, the practice has a cooperation agreement with SOE regional team sports "Barsy of Atyrau", the master classes on the theory and methodology of physical culture, protection of degree works, as well as a cooperation agreement with the regional centre of development of physical culture and sports for carrying out of joint conferences, sports events, competitions, teachers of the region and it is planned to conclude contracts with the regional perinatal center to conduct.