The history of the department

The history of the department "History of Kazakhstan and World History" is closely connected with the history of the university. The department began its activity with the training of teachers of history, language and literature as part of the Guryev Pedagogical Institute.

In 1956, the departments of History of the USSR and World History were organized, and then in different years they were transformed into the departments of National History, History of Kazakhstan, History and methods of teaching History, Ancient and Medieval History of Kazakhstan, New and Modern History of Kazakhstan, and now the Department of History of Kazakhstan and World History. The department is one of the oldest university teams.

Over the years, famous scientists, honored teachers Aldamzharov Z.A., Amangosov G.A., Tabyldiev H.B., Imangaliev A.S., Kameshev I.K., Kairbekova K.K., Baki Zh.B., Ermagambetova A.U., Mardanov A.P., Mukhanbetov H.A., Nygmet G.N., Muktar worked and worked fruitfully at the department A.K., Nursultan M.U., Sapanov S.J., Tolepbergeni T.T., Khismatullin S.A. and many others.

Since 1991, the department has trained more than 600 specialists, 11 graduate students, 15 undergraduates in the specializations "History", "History and Law", "History and Geography", "History and Museum business".

Among the graduates of the department there are many people who have achieved success in their professional activities, many work as teachers at universities, institutes, colleges, schools, as well as researchers at various research institutes, deputies of the Senate of Parliament, regional, city, district maslikhats, employees of the administration, law enforcement agencies, archives, museums.

Currently, the department employs qualified teachers, as well as scientists known to our region – A.S.Sarsenov, J.T.Tanatarova, U.T.Akhmetova, A.A.Akhmet, L.B.Berdigozhin, S.J.Sapanov, A.K.Mukhtar, G.B.Kalenova, Sh.N.Nagimov, G.Kairgalieva, S.O.Kuanysh, J.K.Zhumabayeva, N.Sarmurzina, D.U.Khamidullina, D.J.Alipova, G.Sh.Shugaepova and representatives of the younger generation – G.A.Dzhambaulova, G.J.Aidosynova, J.J.Sakenov, A.M.Zainov, S.M.Mirbolatov, S.K.Moldasheva.

In recent years, members of the department have published 30 monographic works, more than 300 scientific articles, and organized 40 international, republican, and regional scientific and practical conferences.

The staff of the department works in the following areas: publication of scientific monographs, educational and methodical books of the faculty of the department; publication of the best articles in international, republican journals and local publications, collections; establishment of scientific work through the master's degree at the department; organization of archaeological, ethnographic expeditions according to the program of studying the ethno-cultural and historical heritage of the Atyrau region; creation of opportunities for research work of teachers, organization of regional, national, and international conferences; continues the work of the student scientific circle "Heritage" at the University Museum.

Currently, the department is faced with the task of training specialists who systematically study history, possess innovative technologies, speak several languages, and are inclined to scientific work. All conditions have been created for graduates who have completed their bachelor's degree to continue their studies in the master's program. Highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of international standards are trained in these specialties.

Since 1991, within the framework of training specialists in the field of history, he has been cooperating with the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh.Ualikhanov Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.Suleimenov, Institute of Archaeology named after A.Margulan, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakh National Pedagogical University named afterAbai, as well as scientific partnerships with Kalmyk State University and other research institutions and educational institutions have been established.

The staff of the department is currently engaged in research work on the topics "Actual problems of the history of the region", "Problems of medieval and modern history of Kazakhstan", "Problems of studying the archaeological and ethnographic heritage of Western Kazakhstan", "Eurasian nomads in world historiography", "Development of pedagogical intelligence in Western Kazakhstan in the twentieth century", "Medieval cities of Western Kazakhstan", The scientists of the department also work as part of the State Commission for the "Complete rehabilitation of victims of political repression" in order to comprehensively study and address issues of actualization of victims of political repression.