Department of History of Kazakhstan and World History

Head of the Department
Alipova Zh. Dana
Head of the department, Master, senior lecturer

Projects of the department
Teaching staff of the department carry out various research works: "Historical monuments and cultures of the Atyrau region – valuable sources on the history of the region: a comprehensive historical and source study" (Doctor of Historical Sciences, assoc. prof. Zh.Tanatarova, Candidate of I.N., assoc. prof. Zh.Zhumabayeva, Candidate of I.N. Zh.Mustafin); "The fate of teachers of the Atyrau region who were subjected to political repression (30-50 XX century.)" (Ph.D. Sh.Nagimov, teacher G.Dzhambaulova); "Issues of political, socio-cultural adaptation oralmans in the western regions of Kazakhstan" (Candidate of Historical Sciences N.Sarmurzina); "White spots of the history of liberation the movements of 1836-38 under the leadership of Isatay Taimanov and Makhambet Utemisov (the fate of the batyrs, fighting comrades and famous people who helped the rebels)" and "Personnel potential of oil and gas production Kazakhstan (involvement of the local population in production, establishment of technical educational institutions and activity of the first specialists of teachers)" (Doctor of Historical Sciences, assoc. prof. L.Berdyguzhin); "Archaeological research of monuments of the Sarmatian epoch on the territory of Atyrau region" (Candidate of Historical Sciences M.Kasenov, Candidate of Historical Sciences A.Ermagambetova).

Communication with the school
Branches of the department have been opened in secondary schools No. 13, 19, 30 of Atyrau. Through branches there is a practice of coordinating the content of the educational program with employers in the region, participation in preparation of work programs in disciplines, involvement of employers in the management of practices, reviewing of theses and inclusion of employers in the composition of state attestation commissions, assessment of employers' satisfaction with the quality of specialist training, provision of organizational and methodological assistance to students, participation in educational and methodological and scientific-practical conferences, organization of events to adapt students to specific production conditions and formation of students' skills of organizational and educational work in the workforce, career guidance work among students, holding open Days with the participation of employers.