Department history

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1967.
The Department has 12 full-time teachers: 2 doctors, doctors of chemical sciences R.N. Nasirov, professor G. K. Shambilova, 3 candidates of chemical sciences, professor G. B. Tulemisova, associate professor K. G. Satenov, candidate of biological sciences D. Z. Kalimanova, associate professor A. D. Kalimukasheva, masters of chemistry L. K. Madieva, A. A. Nazhetova, N. Z. Galimova, lecturer Z. S. Akmyrza.

Teachers of the Department have high pedagogical qualifications, extensive experience in practical, educational, methodological and research work. For example, Gulzhamal Tulemisova is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH), a professor, a member of the expert Commission of the "Department of Ecology for the Atyrau oblast". Author of 50 scientific papers and 3 textbooks. She was awarded the V. I. Vernadsky RANH -2016 medal for her contribution to the development of science of the RoK. He has the title " Honored worker of science and technology of RANH -2017».

Doctor of chemical sciences, professor R. N. Nasirov participated in research grant projects "Research of paramagnetic of rocks and hydrocarbons in the search for oil and gas fields" under the program of fundamental research "Development of models of heterogeneous elements of the lithosphere of Kazakhstan, allocation of mineralogical levels and structures, promising and priority types of minerals" of the MES of the RoK. Doctor of chemical sciences, professor R. N. Nasirov became the owner of the state grant of the MES of Kazakhstan "the Best teacher of the University". Order of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 30, 2015 No. 789.

Professor G. K. Shambilova participated in research grant projects "Structure, physico-chemical and rheological properties of polymers, nanocomposites and polymeric adhesives," Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR) (jointly with the laboratory of rheology, A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, RAS (TIPS RAS)), in the contract works "Development of information and control systems for decision-making in the oil refining industry, taking into account environmental, economic and other problems" with the Atyrau oil refinery, "Development and release of a methodological guide for tour guides with the application of a multilingual tourist catalog in Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese" With the Department of entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development of the Atyrau oblast Akimat, etc.). Awarded the diploma of the National testing center of the MES of ROK and the badge of the MES.