Scientific School "Young music researchers"


Department of Music and Arts

Under the guidance of the Candidate of Art History Turmagambetova B. Zh.

Scientific School "Young music researchers"


І. Purpose: The study of “songs of composers of the twentieth century of Atyrau region; "Musical creativity of Tabyldy Dosymov and musical heritage of Khattar Duisemaliev".


ІІ.Task: The student discovers errors in previously recorded songs, identifies and re-records their sound, rhythmic moments that do not coincide with the original performed by the singer, records Terme songs, types recorded notes on a computer; analyzes songs, collects, and sorts historical photographs. preparing for the book.


ІІІ. Scientific direction: "Songs of composers of the XX century of Atyrau region.

Research work of students "musical creativity of Tabyldy Dosymov".


IV. Plan for 2021:

1.    Write two articles on the work of T. Dosymov (media, scientific conference);

2.     To give an interview to Atyrau TV channel about the composer (March-December).

3.    Publication of a research article by a research supervisor in the Atyrau newspaper (February-March).

According to the plan, the following works will be carried out:

·        Search, reading scientific dissertations, articles, books written about the etymology and art of the word "Bard".

·        Thematically meaningful classification of songs, their musical intonation, theoretical analysis, determination of their character.

·        Scan, photograph and make slides with materials related to T. Dosymov: book, audio recording, CD, collections, sculptures, busts, etc.

·        Creation of a chronology table of the origin of the composer's songs.

·        Collection of information, interview with T. Dosymov's wife Karlygash Dosymova (Inder region).

·        Talk with the director of the T. Dosymov Foundation Kalzhan Bimaganbetov, get information about the song " Bayan Ulgiy · and about the singer, interview.

·       Conversation, interview with a friend T. Dosymov by Mahmud Kosmanbetov (Almaty);

·        Collection of information, interview with Abdikhan Yesengaliev about T. Dosymov's songs

·        Interview with singer-composer Elemes Magazov about the history of the origin of the songs of T. Dosymov

·        Collection, sorting of historically significant photos of Kh. Duisemaliev.

·        Notation, analysis of the songs "Sagynysh" "Oralym", "Along the Leninist Way";

·        Meeting with Kurmaniyaz Dyusemaliev (February-March);

·        The research leader conducted a search in the Atyrau regional archive, interviewed the journalist U. Alimgereev, dombrist teacher T. Nasipkaliev, singer E. Magazov, journalist Z. Asabayeva. Write two scientific articles about X. Duisemaliev (this includes theoretical analyses of songs-terms by ear).

·        Take an interview, information from a student of Kh. Duisemaliev, a performer of songs E. Magazov.


V. The composition of the scientific school:

. 3rd year students majoring in Music education: Kitapkali Aydin, Nygmetov Abil, Gazymova Bibikhan.


VI. Date of the event:

1.Monday, at 16.00-16.50 on the topic "Research of musical creativity of Tabyldy Dosymov".


2.     On the study of the "musical heritage of Kh. Duisemaliev:

Thursday, 15.00-15.50 (A. Kitapkali).

Friday, 11.00-11.50 (S. Zhumagulov).

Friday, 16.00-16.50 (B. Gasymova)


VII. VII. Format of the event:

Zoom online platform.

Offline - academic building No. 3, auditorium No. 8.

Scientific School Plan 2021.

5-6 оctober, 2021.

Scientific School Plan 2022.

Аbout the project.

17 Мarch, 2022.

5 april.

7-April 2022 students of the Scientific School.

The article was published by B. Gazymova