Scientific School "Ecology of soils, plants and water"

  The Scientific School "soil, plant and water Ecology" under the leadership of B. Mukhambetov, the Scientific School "Chemical toxicology"under the leadership of G. B. Tulemisova was opened on the spot

Organizer: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

"Scientific school of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, acting associate Professor Mukhambetov B."
Direction: Ecology of soils, plants and water
2. Goal:To conduct research both to assess the ecological state of Kazakhstan's natural systems and to monitor the environment in the region.
3. Mission: To direct students and undergraduates to study the environmental problems of the region, to find solutions to problems, as well as to master new methods and devices.
4. Composition: Young teachers - 1. Kadasheva Zh.K. PhD, 2. Latipova D.E. Master, 3. Kuanyshbek I.K.-Master, 4. Khasanova G.E. master


Educational Program 6B050301 - "Chemical analysis and expertise":

  1. Zinurov Sultan
  2. Nazarbekkyzy Zhansaya
  3. Laura Moldagalieva
  4. Gulzhan Ratbayeva
  5. Sabenov Diaz
  6. Martha Makhmiden
  7. Ilyada Mutuova
  8.  Elmira Ryszhanova
  9. Rustemova Ainur
  10. Tastambekova Kuralai
  11. Ualitov Esbolat
  12. Zeyngalieva Akerke

Educational Program 6В01507-«Chemistry and biology teacher»:

  1. Marta Sarsenova
  2. Sikhuatova Sabina
  3. Sansyzbay Aruzhan
  4. Satkhanova Shattyk
  5. Bisembieva Dilyara
  6. Ayupova Laura
  7. Tolep Kundyz

Educational Program 6В01504- Chemistry teacher of engineering profile:

  1. Maksotova Aruzhan
  2. Aleshova Aidana
  3. Serikkyzy Aigerim
  4. Sembay Oralsyn

and undergraduates of the educational program "Chemical analysis and petrochemical synthesis".

5.  The plan for 2023:

  1. Holding a school meeting at least once every 2 weeks - every Friday.
  2. Cultivation of fodder crops in the Atyrau region.-April-October
  3. Preservation of valuable biological properties and economic characteristics of the original varieties of sweet clover Arkas and Saraychik - April-October.
  4. Organization of a webinar on environmental issues (soil, plants and water) Atyrau region – November-December.
  5. Prepare and make a presentation at the "Science cafe" meeting.
  6. Preparation of works for scientific competitions - May-November.
  7. Submission of articles to scientific publications - January - December.

6.  List of reports for the "Science cafe" meetings and seminars:

  1. "Development of resource-saving technology for creating a hay-pasture conveyor for the production of full-fledged fodder and multicomponent pasture lands in semi-desert and desert zones of Kazakhstan."- Mukhambetov B. - scientific supervisor of the school
  2. "Physical and chemical composition of soils of Atyrau region" - Zinurov S., Sabenov D.
  3. "Water-resource potential of the Ural-Caspian water basin" - Makhmiden M.
  4. The effect of organic fertilizers and biostimulators of growth on changes in field humidity of alluvial meadow soils. -Sarsenova M., Sihuatova S.
  5. Basic methods of crop productivity management (analytical review)- Bisembieva D.
  6. Hydrochemical regime of the Zhaiyk river water. - - Maksutova A.
  7. Study of salt tolerance of crops on saline lands.-Ayypova L., Alesheva A., Sembai O.

7. Venue

No. 1 Academic building, 1st floor, 104- office, "Ecology" Educational research Laboratory.