International activity

The Department of International Partnerships and Internationalization

The staff of the Department of international partnership and internationalization wishes you a successful study and an interesting, creative student life. We are ready to help you adapt to our wonderful and hospitable country as quickly as possible, as well as provide any assistance within the framework of the legislation of Kazakhstan. In order to relieve the difficulties associated with understanding the Kazakh legislation, our employees are always happy to answer your questions related to educational activities, and the list of main legislative acts will help you understand your rights and obligations on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main activities of the international partnership and internationalization Department are:

  • development of international relations of Atyrau University in the field of education;

  •  participation in providing and supporting joint research projects;

  • conducting international seminars, symposiums and conferences;

  • the involvement of foreign experts;

  • active cooperation with various international organizations;

  • search for new international programs, dissemination of information and consultations for students, teaching staff, and employees;

  • development of multilingual education;

  • development of two-degree education;

  • recruiting foreign citizens to study at the university, as well as providing assistance in submitting, placing, and registering advisory and organizational requests.

Karlygash Ashirkhanova

Head of department

8 (7122) 49-21-27