Department of foreign language teaching methods

Head of the Department
Abdol Eleonora Doszhanovna
candidate of pedagogical Sciences, senior teacher


Bachelor course

5В011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages
6В01703 - Foreign language: two foreign languages

  • Teacher of a foreign language in foreign language courses.
  • Teacher of a foreign language in schools, gymnasiums and lyceums with advanced study of a foreign language.

  • Foreign language teacher in foreign language courses;
  • Teacher of a foreign language in primary classes of basic secondary education and in professional educational institutions.

The Department of foreign language teaching methods employs 22 teaching professors in the specialty 5B011900-foreign language: two foreign languages.

Abdol Eleonora Doszhanovna
candidate of pedagogical Sciences, head of Department, senior lecturer

Tynybayeva Bayansulu Kudasovna
candidate of pedagogical Sciences, acting associate Professor

Leonova Alla Ivanovna
candidate of Philological Sciences, senior lecturer

Nurgaliyeva Madina Mukhamedkalievna 
candidate of philological Sciences, senior lecturer

Kapakova Altyn Zhumagaziyevna
associate professor, senior teacher

Abdrakhmanova Nabira Bazargaliyevna
master, senior lecturer

Zhubaikulova Damira Zholdaskalievna
master, senior lecturer

Mukysheva Aliya Karipzhanovna
master, senior lecturer

Uteuova Altyngul Baktygerevna
master, senior lecturer

Mukhtarova Sandugash Kapizovna
senior teacher

Temirtassova Akmaral Temirtassovna
senior teacher

Tleugaliyeva Ayman Taimanovna
senior teacher

Bizhanova Akmaral Sainovna
senior teacher

Ualibay Nurbakyt
senior teacher

Adilbaeva Elnara Esbolaevna
master, teacher

Malikova Aknur Malikovna

Kudzhanov Abilkassym Rashidovich
senior teacher

Karabalina Saya Khayrullayevna

Kunasova Assel Nietkaliyevna

Teachers of the Department work closely with foreign and international organizations in Kazakhstan, as well as with the USA and British embassies. Master Abdrakhmanova N. B. took part in the project "English for success" together with the British Embassy. Can. of p. Sc. E.D. Abdol and master A.T. Temirtassova participate in the project of the European Union "Trunak" under the Erasmus+ program, masters of the Department Tleuova A. S., Karabalina S. K. with students of the specialty British Council and the partner project of the company "North Caspian Operating Company".

In the framework of cooperation between the University and the school on the basis of a multi-disciplinary school-gymnasium No. 34, Atyrau, Zh. Nazhmedenov secondary school No. 2 branch of the Department works according to the plan.


         Specialty 5B011900 - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" /6B01703 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" of the Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University, which is one of the fundamental higher educational institutions in the Western region of Kazakhstan..

          In 1992 Due to the large influx of foreign investors to the Atyrau region, the demand for English has increased. With the direct participation of the rector of the University, Kh. B. Tabyldiyev, the head of the Department of education of the Atyrau region and Zh. B. Omirbekova, the Department of English was opened at the faculty of history and Philology. Management of the educational process on special disciplines, etc. was entrusted to the teachers of T.Ya. Kaparullina, N.V. Naidenova, A.Zh. Kapakova, V. A. Leonova. Due to the increase in the number of students of the Abylai Khan Kazakh University of international relations and world languages, Can. of ph. Sc. Eleshova A. S., experienced teachers of schools in the city, district, College Surina N. A., Turushova V. N., A.I. Leonova, Tleugaliyeva A. T., Otarova Z. R., Mukhtarova S. K., Abdrakhmanova N. B. and graduates of educational institutions who successfully graduated from the specialty, Nurzhanova Zh. Zh., Abdol E. D., Temirtassova A. T., Tulenova G. A. were hired.

          Department "Methods of teaching a foreign language" in 1992-1995 Kazachkova I. N., in 1995-2010 associate Professor Kapakova A. Zh., in 2010-2012 senior teacher Tleugaliyeva A. T., in 2012-2013 Can. of p. Sc. Nurzhanova Zh. Zh. and from 2013 to the present- Can. of p. sc. E.D. Abdol heads. Badge of the name "Y.Altynsarin" at the Department, RK. Has an honorary education worker, a badge named after "A. Baitursynov", a certificate of honor from the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a grant "Best University teacher - 2017".

         Teachers of the Department have completed research internships and advanced training courses in Malaysia, England, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Germany, and Russia. The University has created all conditions for students to study abroad. With international academic mobility, students of the specialty can study in South Korea, USA, China, France, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, as well as in leading universities in Kazakhstan.

Department of foreign language teaching methods
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060011 Atyrau city, student Avenue, 212, Main academic building, 433 office