Дене тәрбиесі кафедрасы

Head of the Department

Akhmetov Izgilik Zholmanovich

Candidate of philosophy, senior lecturer


Sports sections


The department employs 14 teachers. Among them: 1-candidate of Art History, 1-candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, 10-Senior Lecturer, 1-Master, 1-teacher

                                                                                    Teaching staff


Akhmetov Izgilik Zholmanovich

Candidate of philosophy, senior lecturer

Aralbaev Alpysbai Seitkalievich
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Kairgozhin Dulat Urazbaevich 
athletics coach, senior teacher

Shakhmanov Bolat Zhetisovich
athletics coach, senior teacher

Akserikov Ganimat Yeszhanuly

volleyball coach, senior teacher

Masatova Nazgul Boranbaevna
basketball coach, senior teacher

AbilgalievRuslan Askaruly
DSD, senior lecturer

Zhubanov Sansyzbai Sibagatovich
Acting associate professor, football coach

Salmenova Galiya Tarikhovna

football coach, teacher

Karpekova Gulbarshyn Sanievna
basketball coach, senior teacher

Lukpanov Salamat Utemisovich
volleyball coach, senior teacher

Nysanov Sarsenbai Satuovich
volleyball coach, senior teacher

The Department jointly with professors of Astrakhan State Technical University implemented an international research project on the topic: "development of popular monitoring and motivation systems in the field of healthcare".

Atyrau City № 1, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21, 24, 35 schools, A. Dzhangildin secondary school and Abay secondary school.


The Department of physical education was established in 1952. The first head of the department was A. Maso.
In connection with the reorganization of the Institute, in 1955, the Department of Physical Culture was replenished with young specialists who graduated from the Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture. They Are L. M. Sarsenov, B. Elgundiev, E. T. Korkembayev. In the same year, E. T. Korkembayev was appointed head of the Department.
Every year, new specialties were opened at the Pedagogical Institute. Due to the increase in the number of students, in 1957 the staff of the department was replenished with new personnel who graduated from the Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture. They made a great contribution to the development of sports. These are veteran of the Great Patriotic War, multiple winner of freestyle wrestling, master of sports, bronze medalist of sports competitions Iskakov Zhores Abdoshevich, champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Greco-Roman wrestling, master of sports, honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldiev Sabit Kalievich, basketball player Aznabayev Sahi, swimmer Kuralov Utepkali Nysanbayevich.
In different years, he headed the Department of physical education: 1956-1959. A. Maso, B. Elgundiev; 1959-1963. E. T. Kopkenbayev; 1963-1966. L. M. Sarsenov; 1966-1967. Kuralov U. N.; 1967-2001. K. Y. Shambilov; 2001-2004. R. B. Iztleuov; 2004-2007. I. zh. Akhmetov; 2007-2020 A."No," I Said.
Currently, the department is headed by candidate of philosophical Sciences, senior lecturer I. zh. Akhmetov.
The department has created a team of highly qualified teachers. This makes it possible to ensure the high quality of the educational process at the methodological level.
In total,the department employs 13 teachers, including 4 candidates of Science and 4 Masters.
The average age of teachers of the department is 50 years.
The department provides training of students of 1-2 courses of full-time education in the discipline "Physical Culture".
The functional responsibilities of the department include conducting training and practical classes with students in the following types: athletics, sports games (basketball, volleyball, football), wrestling, as well as forming a healthy lifestyle of students and improving the health of students, as well as attracting students to systematic physical culture and sports.
Classes are held in the cultural and Sports Complex "Zhaiyk", in the sports hall and stadium of the University.
In order to improve the pedagogical level, the department has organized mutual participation in classes, a methodological seminar on topical issues in the field of Physical Culture and sports. Senior teachers of the department conduct methodological classes. It shows the methodology of conducting classes in various sports. The teaching staff of the Department prepares and publishes methodological recommendations and manuals for teachers and students of Physical Culture.
Employees of the department annually make presentations at scientific conferences of the University. Teachers of the Department have scientific publications in the form of articles, abstracts and reports at national and international conferences. In 2019, an article by Senior Lecturer of the Department G. E. Akserikov was published in an indexed journal based on "Scopus".
Teachers and staff of the Department organize various mass sports and health events with students, teachers and university staff: sports contests for students and teachers, health days, competitions, tournaments dedicated to various anniversaries and significant dates.
National teams of the university regularly participate in city, regional, national and international competitions, as well as in mass events held by the city, region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Teachers of the Department participate in various sports events and competitions held in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries in order to exchange pedagogical experience.

Educational work at the department is carried out in accordance with the plan of the Department of sports and health development of the Department of youth policy.

Well-known athletes trained by the Department


Department of physical education

060011 Atyrau, Studencheskiy AV., 207, Academic Building No. 3, office 1.