Head of the Department
Uteshkaliyeva Aigul Madeniyetovna
candidate of pedagogical Sciences.

Bachelor programme

5В010100 – preschool education and upbringing
5В010200 – pedagogy and methods of initial education

Masters programme

6М010200 – pedagogy and methodology of initial education (1 year)
6М010200 – pedagogy and methodology of initial education (2 years)

The Department has 19 faculty members. Among them: 2-doctor of pedagogical Sciences, 4-candidate of pedagogical Sciences, 1-candidate of psychological Sciences, 8-master's degree, 4-senior teacher.

Faculty members

Mukhanbetzhanova Akmaral Utepbergenovna
doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor

Kalimukhasheva Bagit Demeuovna
candidate of ped. Sciences, associate Professor

Zhumasheva Nurzhaugan Sarsenovna
can. of ped. Sciences, senior teacher

Imangaliyeva Nursulu Temirbolatovna
can. of psych. Sciences, senior teacher

Tulenova Uldai Talkashovna
can. of ped. Sciences, associate Professor

Stamgaliyeva Barshagul Kabdollaevna
master, senior lecturer

Kinzhibayeva Fariza Bagytovna
master, senior teacher

Shadanova Lyazzat Zhanatovna
master, senior teacher

Abilova Oryngul Asylbekovna
master, senior teacher

Aslyaliyeva Saltanat Gaibkaliyevna.
senior teacher

Demeshova Gulmira Utemissovna
master, senior teacher

Ishanova Gulnazit Yermekovna
master, senior teacher

Auelbayeva Gulsara Salamatovna
master, senior teacher

Kulbatyrova Zhanna Kumarovna
master, senior teacher

Ispanova Elmira Zhumabayevna
master, senior teacher

Urazova Gulnazym Tatangaliyevna
senior teacher

Tshanbayeva Orynsha Zholdasovna

Project of the program of social grants: "Psychological and pedagogical support and socialization of children with disabilities of preschool and initial school age (in the city of Atyrau and the region)" Project managers: doctor of ped. science, Professor Mukhanbetzhanova A. M. can. of psych. Sciences Imangaliyeva N. T.

It is connected with the branch of the specialty 5B010100-preschool education and upbringing of kindergartens №17, № 55 and the branch of the specialty 5B010200-Pedagogy and methods of initial education of the school-gymnasium №35, N. Tlendiyev the small Academy of arts. When conducting the final state certification of full-time students, the graduate protects their projects in the above-mentioned kindergartens No. 17, No. 55 and school-gymnasium No. 35, with the participation of the Chairman and members of the final state certification Commission, heads of organizations, teachers. This contributes to the comprehensive recognition and employment of students by employers, meeting the needs of employers. In addition, the Department provides career guidance, organizes various events in kindergartens and schools. Especially, campaigning work for school leavers focused on choosing a profession is carried out. In particular, during the practice with the help of students, professional diagnostics of teaching activities for schoolchildren was carried out by means of questionnaires, testing, an advertising campaign about the University and the Department was conducted. There were presentations "The profession I choose", "My profession is my future". Professor A. Mukhanbetzhanova conducts master classes for school teachers on the updated educational program




Since the creation and at all stages of the Department's existence, the Department has passed a huge, worthy path, made a great contribution to the training and education of the pedagogical army, highly qualified professional staff in the region and the Republic. Among the graduates of the Department, a number of scientists, government and public figures, large entrepreneurs of production are shown at a high level.   

In the position of head of the Department worked: from 1979 to 2010 can. of ped. Sciences Karzhaubayev A. B.; 2010-2014 can. of ped. Sciences Tulenova U. T.; 2014-2018 can. of ped. Sciences Mukhanbetzhanova A. U., from 2018 to the present can. of ped. Sciences Uteshkaliyeva A. M. They made a huge contribution to the teaching and scientific-research activities of the Department. The Department trains professional, highly qualified personnel. Mukhanbetzhanova A. M., B. D. Kalimukasheva, S. G. Aslyaliyeva., G. E. Ishanova and other particularly noteworthy is the work of all. Many of them work at the Department. A scientific school of pedagogical profile is formed and successfully works at the Department. At present, this scientific school is at a qualitatively new level, which is replenished and expanded by graduates of the Department, talented young scientists and teachers who have successfully defended their candidate and doctoral theses.    

The Department's activities are organized on the basis of qualification requirements approved by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main missions of the Department are to train highly qualified specialists not only in the field of education, but also for the unified economy of the country.

The mission of the Department is to train highly qualified specialists with the necessary level of professional competence in the field of management, focused on innovation, competitive in the conditions of modernization of education.

The purpose of the Department is to create an effective learning system that helps meet the needs of students.

Mission of the Department:

- training of specialists who can think creatively and make effective decisions in economic conditions;

- training of specialists who have mastered the unified system of professional education and possess modern information technologies.

The Department conducts professional preparation of teachers of elementary education and for teachers of preschool institutions. The Department has 14 teaching staff. Among them are doctors and candidates of pedagogical Sciences, masters, senior teachers.

Scientific direction of the Department:

Ø training of future specialists in the framework of updating the content of initial education in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Ø training of future specialists in preschool education in a trilingual, multicultural and inclusive environment;

The Department implements the following educational programs:

·        On the basis of secondary education: educational program 6B01201 "Teacher-educator and Methodist of preschool education", educational program 6B01301 "Teacher of initial education level", duration of training – 4 years (bachelor's programme: full-time education);

·       On the basis of secondary vocational education: educational program 6B01201 "Teacher-educator and Methodist of preschool education", educational program 6B01301 "Teacher of initial education", the duration of training-3 years (bachelor's programme: full-time, full-time distance learning);

·        On the basis of higher education: educational program 6B01201 "Teacher-educator and Methodist of preschool education", educational program 6B01301 "Teacher of initial education level", duration of training-2 years (bachelor's programme: full-time distance learning).

·        Postgraduate education: 7M01301 - "Management of education" - 1 year; 2 years (master's programme). In order to successfully conduct professional activities in organizations of initial education, prepares masters in the educational trajectory 7M01301 - "Management of education".




Department of preschool and initial education
8 (7122) 27-67-52
060011 Atyrau city, student Avenue, 212, 1-main academic building, 225, 226 office