The history of the facultybegins with the Institute of teachers, established in 1950. The country is beginning to develop its own system of natural science education. The faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences is one of the dynamically developing and dynamically developing faculties of our University.

The main task of the faculty is planning, organizing and providing scientific research, training highly qualified personnel, obtaining research results and preparing specialists for the educational process of the faculty in the relevant industries aimed at stabilizing and lifting the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The study is conducted in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Forms of studying full-time and distance learning. Also taught by foreign teachers. Depending on their academic performance, our students receive semester studying in the selected areas of academic mobility in foreign countries and in any universities in Kazakhstan, master's students undergo scientific internship, teachers have the opportunity to participate in scientific conferences.

The faculty has close educational, methodological and scientific ties with foreign universities. The faculty has the opportunity to obtain higher education (bachelor's programme) in 14 areas and continue to study for a master's programme.

DIRECTION OF PREPARATION. . According to the cycle of the educational process, departments of the faculty began to be created, currently there are 4 specialized departments at the faculty:

  • Department of biology and agricultural disciplines
  • Department of geography, tourism and water resources
  • Department of chemistry and chemical technology
  • Department of ecology


In this message, the problems of improving the skills of teachers in the education system, improving the status and rules are adhered to, scientific and pedagogical work and the extensive experience of associate professors, professors and young teachers engaged in work, constantly gives a lesson in self-search.

Scientific potential: 80 of teachers of the faculty of natural Sciences are graduates of our faculty. %Winners of the "Best University teacher" competition, holders of academic degrees and titles work at the faculty. Currently, the faculty has 70 teachers, including 5 doctors of science, 22 candidates of science, 3 PhD, 38 masters.

In each academic year, the best students at the University receive various scholarships, educational grants and sponsorship from domestic and foreign companies. According to the academic program of the student, much attention is paid to studying in leading educational institutions of the country and foreign countries (England, Latvia, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Russia). Doctors of science, candidates of science and teachers of masters of the faculty, along with high-quality education, create great opportunities for students to engage in science. Regular competitions of students, creative activities, competitions, debates, meetings with scientists etc. often helds. Invited foreign scientists at the faculty regularly give lectures and share their experience. For this purpose, the University of Guilan (Iran), together with specialists of professors of Russian State universities, is working on an educational direction.

Since the 2019-2020 academic year, master's students in the Ecology direction have been trained at the University and received diplomas from two countries.


Material base: scientific-research and services on a contractual basis at the faculty are focused on modern technological means, are carried out on the basis of accredited laboratories "Toxicology" in many scientific, economic, pedagogical areas "SWAPTEL", regulating air, water and soil.

Students have the opportunity to annually pass an practice in the best educational institutions, in well-known companies and enterprises of the country. Field practice is conducted in different regions of the country and abroad. Scientific circles and laboratories are important for comprehensive quality education of students.

The faculty provides students with the opportunity to pass training and production and pre-diploma industrial practice in leading institutions and state organizations of the country and the city. Currently, graduates of the faculty have free competition in the labor market.

Education system based on the educational program: the education system supports the innovative growth of the region through the new role of the University as a subject of regional changes and intervention in the development of the local society, city and territory.

For teachers and students of the faculty of natural science and agricultural Sciences, by linking the educational process with creative, scientific and social work, it became possible to attract the majority of students to work outside of the educational process and achieve high results. The University has such clubs as the charity Fund "ASUmit", the debate club "Senator", the anti-corruption club "Adal Urpak", the sports club "Bolashak", the media club "ASU life", the volunteer club "BBS", the KTA group "Khalel Grand", the student theater" Zhastar zhalyny", youth organizations, sections and circles.

Cooperation: Israeli, Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian professors are invited to share their scientific-pedagogical and teaching experience in the framework of international cooperation. At present, it is very important to keep up with new trends in international educational standards.

One of the latest changes taking place in the country's higher education system is the academic mobility of students. Academic mobility of students is an opportunity for student and masters student to get an education at another University. Under this educational system, student and masters student of the faculty are studying in many countries of the near and far abroad.

Participation in support of joint projects on research programs, participation in international seminars, symposiums and conferences, involvement of foreign specialists, active cooperation with various international organizations, development of multilingual education, development of double-diploma education.

The chamber of entrepreneurs of Atyrau region participates in the development of the requirements of the world professional trend, the Atlas of new professions and educational programs, depending on the needs of the labor market and employers.

The faculty of natural Sciences and agricultural Sciences systematically works to integrate the educational process with science and production.

Dear applicant!

You should choose Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University, which is especially known to the world for its rich history and great achievements, because:

  • By providing yourself with a solid Foundation for a professional career and life success, you can get an advanced, popular and worthy profession for the country;
  • You can get a free education, as the faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences has the largest number of students on state grants at the University, and our students are holders of various scholarships.;
  • You can study in modern laboratories that allow you to easily adapt to the professional activities of a graduate;
  • By studying with scientists, you can participate in research projects, collective fundamental and applied scientific-research, and develop your scientific and creative potential;
  • You can take part in academic experience exchange programs with leading foreign partner universities and get a two-way diploma;
  • A great opportunity to get a diploma in the specialty and the rank of Lieutenant.